Check out the deep sultry vibes of Vibeke

Motek welcomes Vibeke Bruff to the family with the melodic and atmospheric EP ‘In The Dark’. This release comes with two original tracks: In The Dark and Deep Sea, as well as three amazing remixes.

Vibeke‘s original of In The Dark is smooth piece of broken beat electronica comes full of warm pads and spacious percussive elements, finished with the elegant floating textures of ZiaLand on vocals. The second of the two tracks ‘Deep Sea’ is much darker in nature. On top of a more traditional House kick and bass section, ZiaLand has delivered haunting vocals amongst eerie effects and tension building pads.

Remixing this release we have duo Einsauszwei, Stevie R & Sam Pauli and Evans, all three producing versions of ‘In The Dark’. Einsauszwei have kept the melodic and laid back feel of the original, adding weight and movement in the kick and percussion alongside spacious airy elements, warm synth and key sections.

Both Stevie R & Sam Pauli and Evans have added more drive to the track. Stevie R & Sam Pauli have taken this track to a deeper place, full of darker more industrial elements. In contrast Evans has added drive through sharp saw synth pads and fast moving percussion, keeping the melodic form.