Meet our February mix of the month winner – Gerard Bozyk

Like many of his generation Gerard Bozyk became obsessed by the progressive sounds DJs like Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J and Cid Inc, and from that obsession, a need to share the music he was discovering through DJing. Describing himself as a passionate perfectionist, Gerard’s attention to detail and smooth mixes are driven by rhythm and melodies: always searching for new and futuristic sounds for his DJ sets, ensuring they consistently build momentum and tell a story right from the heart. Now aligned with several leading global radio stations, his monthly podcast – Metropolis recently celebrated its second birthday.  Away from the limelight, Gerard works as a chef for an international catering agency, and is a husband and dad. A&R Simon Huxtable sat down between orders to find out more about this DJ chef…

Hi Gerard, welcome to Decoded Magazine and congratulations on winning February’s mix of the month. How are you today?

Hello! I’m feeling great, thanks and thank you for the warm welcome.

So tell us a little about yourself…

I’m 29 and currently working as a chef. Food is my other passion in life if there’s anything else then music.

You’re based now in Dublin. But we understand you were born in Poland. Can you tell us about growing up and what prompted the move to the Emerald Isle?

Yes, I am Polish born and bred but these days my heart belongs to Ireland. I’ve been here 10 years! The move was due to strictly better living standard and the possibility of being able to save for a pair of decks!

gerard 1

Every DJ has a eureka moment that kick starts their career. Do you remember yours?

I certainly do! It was somewhere around the summer of 2003. I had been walking around my neighbourhood looking for something to do (back then life wasn’t yet taken over by social media etc, we used to spend a lot of time outside!)

I met up with a mate of mine who was a DJ. Back then I was a lot into hip hop music, and while talking to him, he told me about how much he loves house music (which I knew very little about) and handed me a copy of a CD. Once I got back home, I played it… It just struck me straight away and then I knew I found love! hahaha

We understand El Maestro Hernan was among your first influences. What do you think it was about their music that so inspired you?

It was extremely unique to me at that time. Something I never heard before and I guess it was just this thing that took a piece of my heart.

How has your home set up changed since your first set of decks?

When I started DJing, CDJ’s were the thing I saw in most clubs and parties. It was sort of first DJ equipment introduced to me. I know many say “you’re not a DJ if you can’t play vinyl“, but I guess we cannot stop the progress of technology and I personally believe that it does not matter what you use but what you deliver!

Can you remember back to your first gig? Where was it and how did it go?

It was back in my hometown in Poland. The dance floor wasn’t too crowded but we were great group of close friends having fun so we loved it!

gerard 2

Tell us about the mix. How long did the process take from start to finish?

As far as I remember, you posted something on Saturday that it’s a little quiet this month with mixes,  so I thought “why don’t I try once more?” as I had had one attempt back in August 2015. I gathered some tunes and submitted the mix next day!

We understand you work as a Sous Chef for Gather and Gather, a catering agency servicing over 270 locations across Europe. Do you find the work demands of the Hospitality industry conflict with DJing at all? Hove you had to make compromises along the way?

Yes, I am and not at all actually, due to the fact that my work hours are 7-3pm and weekends off! Not very common for chefs, but there is many hungry office workers which also need to be fed! Therefore those two never clashed.

We were impressed by your post recently – Life is a Journey, not a competition. It’s a sentiment shared by many in the industry including Ellen Allien. Do you think there’s enough support these days for new DJs breaking into the scene?

Thank you, I actually don’t think so, it is hard industry and people are often not very nice to each other. Some can be quite cruel, I have come across a lot of ignorance and arrogance as well as support. There should be more of it for sure. Everyone deserves a chance!

Well, its been wonderful to meet and chat Gerard. We wish you all the best, and lets catch up for a beer at Sweeney’s in a few weeks!

Thanks again for choosing my mix as a winner this month, I really love music and this was the greatest appreciation for me! And yes , I am looking forward to you guys coming to Dublin!

01// Juan Deminics – At Dawn (Jamie Stevens Remix)
02// Juan Deminics – Orbital
03// Felipe Michan – Perone (Plus Thirty Remix)
04// Tash – Mystic Path (Simos Tagias Remix)
05// Stas Drive – Intergalactic Summer
06// Chicola – Her Song
07// Dmitry Molosh – Heavy Machine
08// Oliver Lieb – WASP-17b (Cid Inc Remix)
09// Dmitry Molosh – Wanderer (Simos Tagias Remix)
10// Jamie Stevens – My Tears Don’t Help Me (Guy J Remix)