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Frederique has been a regular contributer to Decoded Magazine’s Mix of the Month submissions and with persistence has turned in this months winning mix, I mean any mix with Robert Babicz – Dark Flower on is a worthy winner, right? Frederique has a regular daytime job as a UNIX Systems Engineer – a job he’s been doing for the last 17 years or so starting out at a regular Internet Provider in Amsterdam. It’s also this era that he started to develop a serious interest in DJing, of course due to clubbing at the time. Frederique explains his background and how his passion has grown…

“I remember buying a Dateq LPM 7.2 mixer (the one with the ‘upside down’ knobs) in a second hand store in Amsterdam somewhere, even before I had turntables. I had no immediate use for it but I just had to fucking have that mixer. This mixer was such a wonderful piece of machinery. A few months later I bought 2 new SL’s and I started learning the technique of DJing. I think a year later or so, I even bought a third SL. Not that I was using 3 decks all the time, but just because I had the money and SL’s are just so awesome. I remember going to parties at the time with the ‘old’ Carl Cox, mixing deep Techno using 3 to 4 decks. 4-5 hour sets. What a time.”

It was probably a year later or so that I recorded my first mix, “Dizum” I called it, and it was actually quite a success, among my friends. Sasha & Digweed were my hero’s by then already.

So, about 900-1000 pieces of vinyl later (I still have them, stuffed away in the loft) I came to realize (somewhere in 2002) that I was spending a hell lot of money on vinyl without any coming in from it. I burned out from my work that year as well, and when my favorite vinyl shop closed, vinyl stopped for me. I think I sold my SL’s a year later (2003), and not much later I bought a Pioneer CMX3000. A toy, compared to SL’s, but they kept my passion somewhat alive. The problem was getting new tracks in digital form. I simply didn’t have the contacts, and sampling from vinyl never worked out for known reasons. DJing slowed down, but I’d do it sometimes, every few weeks maybe.. I wanted more, but I didn’t know how. I wanted digital, but I didn’t know how.

It wasn’t untill 2011, a few months after the release of Native Instruments‘ “S4″, which a friend of mine bought, that I realized that ‘digital’ was matured, pretty well even, and I bought one a week later I think. Via-via I got a library of 400 pretty decent tracks to get me started, and off I was again. My S4 started showing age 4 years later (2015), right after warranty of course. First a fader that was acting up (replaced that myself), and a few months later one of the jogs. I bought a second hand Pioneer DDJ-T1 after that, used that for a few months, and in september 2015 I bought Native Instruments’ S8 controller.

I use all of the features of modern controllers, I’m not ashamed to use the sync button. It’s hard not to with the S8 (no pitch faders), but with my S4 (and the DDJ-T1) still practiced it sometimes. I have learned the technique using SL’s. I know how to sync 2 tracks. But honestly, I love the sync button. It gives me all the time and concentration to spend on actually mixing tracks together and making that sound as good as you possible can. No distraction. It’s a discussion that pops up everywhere on a regular basis. The dreaded sync. The love for vinyl. I don’t care, honestly. Every artist should be able to use the technique that enables them to do what they can in the best possible way. I’ve heard so many DJ’s with awesome sync techniques, but just no musical talent at all. I’d rather hear a DJ making mistakes in the sync department if he’s musically talented.

Since spring 2015 or so, I try to make regular mixes, at least one every month. And of course upload them on Soundcloud, or Hanging on to this rule has really improved my mixing abilities, quite fast as well. I remember starting with this idea. Actually recording a mix was always a drama. I’d need at least 3-4 takes to record the mix, and then even I’d have to piece together the mix using some kind of WAV editor. Near the fall of 2015, this had improved to ‘hey, let’s make a mix’ – and one hour later there it is. I still mostly prepare a playlist before hand, and I would even try out all the transitions so that there would be no surprises. This works really well when you want to record something. The last couple of months trying to do more ‘on the fly’, because in the end, as a DJ, you should be able to adapt to your surroundings, the crowd in front of you, and if you’re using a playlist that would be kind of a problem. And.. this is working out very nicely. My march submission was a second iteration of a mix I did on the fly. That first mix worked out very nice, but listening to it in the car, I realized I needed to change 2 tracks. I did that, and mixed/recorded the winning mix. Such an honor!

So, besides my own regular every month mix on Soundcloud, I sometimes submit mixes to Midnight Express FM, and I’ve been aired by RoomTwo once, and I hit their soundcloud page. I’ve DJ’d a hand full of private parties. That’s it.

I’d like to shout out to my mate Maurits Paardekooper (former Dutch DJ/Producer). This guy helped me alot finding tracks, artists, teaching mixing techniques, and recording/mastering techniques. This really improved my abilities over the last year.”

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01. Trippy Soul – Rostov (Dama & Raabe Remix)
02. Chicola, Sahar Z – The Stage (Original Mix)
03. YokoO – Nefelibata feat. Seabourne (Jonas Saalbach & Sasse Remix)
04. Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, Desaturate – Trauma (Cid Inc Remix)
05. Sebastian Markiewicz – Flying Whales (Original Mix)
06. Robert Babicz – Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix)
07. Sebastian Markiewicz – Life Touch (Original Mix)
08. Kastis Torrau – Cold Water (Original Mix)

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