Movo UM700 USB desktop mic for content creators

Chosing a microphone for your podcasting or home studio is a minefield in quality and pricing. Movo has just dropped the UM700 USB Desktop Mic for only $99 USD.  The UM700 extends Movo’s family of microphones that offer excellent audio, solid build quality, full features sets and at a value greater than the competition. The UM700 is up to 30% cheaper than the Shure, Rode and Blue but offering the same if not better specifications. The UM700 mic is currently available on the Movo website and also on Amazon.    

The Movo UM700 USB Desktop Microphone is the ultimate tool for creators, for recording music, live streaming, vlogging, podcasting, conference calls and more.  The UM700 features adjustable polar patterns, and is incredibly versatile, allowing users to record a variety of recording types in a variety of settings, it’s also plug and play, plug it directly into a computer, place it on your desk, and you’re ready to go. Users can use the stereo setting to record some music; then switch it to the bidirectional to record a two-person podcast; then switch it to the more directional cardioid setting to record a voiceover. The UM700 doesn’t just offer versatility – it gives users high-quality audio, too, capturing 48kHz/16 bit broadcast quality sound.

Movo UM700 USB Desktop Mic main Features:

  • Plug and play: Seamless compatibility via USB for Windows or Mac
  • High fidelity audio: Captures 48kHz/16 Bit broadcast quality sound resolution, latency-free, with a powerful frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Adjustable polar patterns: Stereo (uses 2 channels to capture a realistic sound image); Cardioid (isolated pickup from front); Omnidirectional (captures from all directions); & Bi-directional (front/rear pickup)
  • Features: Solid metal build, triple mic capsule array, gain control, headphone monitoring, headphone volume control, mute button, desktop swivel stand and 5/8″ thread for mounting

Movo’s mission is to make sure that every creator has access to high quality products at accessible prices.  The UM700 USB Desktop Mic furthers this goal by helping users get the most out of their new expensive smartphone desktop devices to allows for pristine audio capture without breaking the bank. 

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