MP MIDI Controller gives you the full hands-on experience for your plug-ins

Sporting a 21.5-inch screen surrounded by 32 encoders, MP MIDI Controller seamlessly integrates with your DAW, running as its own plug-in, MP Host, in VST3, AU and AAX format. The controller scans and loads up your plug-ins, which you can then select and display on the screen. MP MIDI Controller’s 32 encoders can be used on up to four pages, which means you can map 128 parameters from a plug-in to the controller.

MP Host lets you control one plug-in at a time, but settings are stored within your DAW project to allow total recall. This means that when you open the plug-in, it will load up in MP MIDI Controller with the same parameters in place as when you saved your project.

“MP Midi Controller creates a new DAW experience that no other controller has been able to offer. The controller is integrated in your music production workflow effortlessly. Templates of many popular plugins are provided and templates that enable you to map your plugins within minutes. Whether you are working on an Instrument plugin or Audio effect, you can now reach any parameter control directly and try things out, just like working on a big console.” – MP MIDI website

There is no word on the price as yet but it’s been reported that the controller has been beta testing for three months and is about to go into manufacturing pretty soon. You can find out more information on the MP Midi Controller here.


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