Mumbai based Music & Culture agency collaborates with Everpress

Life has taken a complete 360 in the year of 2020, even more so for the music industry with festivals and club nights coming to a complete standstill. Mumbai based WAVLNGTH faced similar challenges when they had to think of new and different ways to power through a pandemic inflicted year. To be honest, this opportunity was a blessing in disguise to bring to fruition all the projects that Aneesha, founder of WAVLNGTH envisioned to pursue that ended up taking a backseat because of monthly events and tours. A whole new array of opportunities opened up – Radio, redesigning the website, content and merchandise. 

As the company thrives on collaborations, although the intent is to start in-house merchandise, there is always a burning desire to constantly find ways to put India on the map. From here the idea of a T-shirt collaboration with UK based Everpress was born. A pitch that spiralled into an opportunity to curate their very own online store – Aneesha along with her best friend, Lovedeep, who is a costume designer got together and kickstarted this initiative. Together, they reached out to 15 designers from all over the country to send in one design around the concept of hope and/or what music makes them feel? Reason being, Hope is pretty much what we are all riding on this year and is something that we have to create from within and how music makes one feel is rather subjective, so we were intrigued to see what the designers came up with. 

With each design that came in, we felt as if all the designers were on the same wavelength and we can’t get enough! They also incorporate a lot of Indian elements in the form of pictorial representation, text, symbolism etc.  The one month campaign (we are already half way through) will end on November 11th and we highly recommend and suggest that this could be a great Christmas present to gift to someone, especially if they have visited or have a fondness for India. 

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