Munich live artist Innellea and Buenos Aires’ Juan Hansen release their new track ‘Burning Out’ 

Live artist Innellea releases the next phase of his multimedia storytelling art project and forthcoming 2024 album ‘The Belonging’ in the form of lyrical, guitar-rich single ‘Burning Out’ in collaboration with Juan Hansen, out now, accompanied by a live session video.

The diverse album also features collabs with luminaries including grime master Flowdan, CamelPhat, and Swedish indie composer/singer Karin Park, forming part of a shared ‘collective experienced catharsis’ encompassing singles/visual art/video/social media leading to the full debut album and an all-live tour (dates TBC) promising to bring ‘concert vibes into the club’.

Munich’s Innellea has specialised in big-scale conceptual projects like ‘Five Phases’ and ‘Distorted Youth’, as well as releasing on labels like Afterlife and Diynamic – he’s been a secret weapon in many a DJ’s set. The Belonging is his most ambitious and personal project yet, released on Distorted Youth in collaboration with [PIAS] Électronique. The previous single ‘Silence’ w/ Maurice Kaar introduced alienation and violence, now ‘Burning Out’ moves us closer to resolution and reconciliation.

‘Burning Out’: a lyrical piece, with Buenos Aires live multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Hansen supplying a melody with guitars, plangent and soulful with an acoustic feel, and his soft multi-tracked singing of the emotionally revealing lyrics adding to the heart-stirring synth chords with slowly building choral notes. The breakdown introduces a harder, faster section before the final part has guitars and voices harmonising, producing a feeling of increasing unity and progress as we journey together towards catharsis.

‘Burning Out’ is out now on Distorted Youth in collaboration with [PIAS] Électronique. Save it here:

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