MUUI’s distinctive design and creative vision finds a home at microCastle

Artist: MUUI
Title: Amelie EP
Label: microCastle
Release Date: Out now!
Genre: Progressive

The 46th release on microCastle welcomes Patrick Carrera aka MUUI to the label. The Berlin based artist has long been praised for his distinctive design and creative vision. This 4 tracker EP titled, ‘Amelie’ starts off with the track ‘Iusa’ a chugging fearless track that sacrifices on depth in favor of clutter and a sputtering bass line that snakes around a busy electronic interior, in parts tightly strung, in parts featuring a hint of melody to hold on to for dear life. There’s a rhythmic progression and steady thump, which propels you in to some kinda world of dubby wonder.

Next up, ‘Static Puddles’ takes off from where the previous track lets you go, this time around there’s a distinctive surge of melody, softer, rounder and surer that’s elegantly constructed around a dithering bass for those moments of bliss on the floor. There’s certain romanticism to crafting music that seamlessly flows from the previous track to the next but the tunes that people tend to remember are the ones with mistakes. This one makes it to the pleasant fare list.

‘Viik’ undoubtedly coaxes out a raw powerful sound from within itself. There’s a heavy acid line that flirts about spooky creaking fritters of bass and reverberating interiors. It’s difficult to make any one of these real floor killers but MUUI’s myriad talent shows on through and through.

The title tune, ‘Amelie’ quickly gets to be my favorite of the release, a track that packs a whole loada punch and dance floor durability in spades. Harboring a pensive tone and sliced/diced beats, it showcases a grimy layered synths and a bottomless pit of shiny bass one can just lose oneself in. This is the musician’s broadening and maturing talent in full display.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.