Nathan Barato impresses again on UK label Kaluki Music

Artist : Nathan Barato (Ft. Kid Enigma)
Title : When I Do (My Thang)
Label : Kaluki Music
Release : TBA
Genre : House

Manchester based Kaluki Music hosts Canadian House sensation Nathan Barato. Hot from his remix duties with the Do Not Sleep crew on Ibiza anthem ‘Hans Trippy’, Nathan joins with Kid Enigma to deliver a groovy hip house killer.

The original is a powerful underground anthem in the making. Gritty bass and a wonderfully catchy vocal refrain are the main players here and the result is groovy as hell. Its really needs little else, its a sure fire party starter. The cool little keyed fills and sweeps are really the icing on the cake, and I can see 2016 being Nathans busiest year yet.

First up on the remixes, label heads Pirate Copy opt for a stripped down tech workout. Powerful low end drives the track along and carefully chosen percussions balance things sonically. The vocal is used to good effect in the break, but its all a little too much oomph for me and I feel they miss out on the essence of the track. Solardo on the other hand gets it. His remix bursts from the speakers with the energy of a duracell bunny! The bass is beefed up without losing the funk meaning the whole track feels more organic and interesting. Air Bass at the ready guys, this is a beast. Rounding off the remixes is Rudosa, who opts for an pretty standard techno remix. The least said the better I’m afraid. Im not in the habit of trashing producers. Overall a good EP with a range of styles to suit most tastes, but for me personally, the original stands head and shoulders above the rest.