Native Instruments releases a set of video explorations on Chris Liebing: The Techno Alchemist

Renowned techno DJ Chris Liebing is the focus of a new set of videos released today by Native Instruments. Ahead of his appearance at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, these explorations shine a light on the culture of underground techno, spanning interviews and performances across Europe.

From Chris’s thoughts on what makes a good techno DJ, to a deep dive into his technical setup, and an exclusive 2-hour performance, these three distinct videos each showcase a different aspect of the life of a performing techno DJ. Filmed at Fuse in Brussels and Cruise Terminal in Rotterdam, the videos follow the artist on two stops during his tour last November and provide an intimate look into Chris’s unique performance style.

The exposé delves into a typically underground culture at a time when techno appears to be gaining popularity in the US.

The Spirit of Techno

In this video, Chris explains what techno is and how it differs from mainstream dance music (EDM). To Chris, techno is not about playing the hits or “waiting for the drop.” Rather, he feels techno relies on a slow exposition of sounds that use tension, release, and contrast to take the listener on a journey. The video also explains the differences in the way techno DJs perform.

A Hybrid Setup

While many DJs focus on playing songs recorded by other artists, Chris is one of many DJs who like to put their signature mark on their performance by mixing traditional DJing with a live performance of drum beats, percussion, and melodic elements. These artists create a unique experience for the crowd that is different every night. In this video, Chris gives an inside look at his hybrid setup and how he uses it to create his layers of sound.

In the Booth

In the final video, Chris takes the viewer into the DJ booth for a 2-hour live performance. Shot from the DJs perspective, this video presents a one-of-a-kind, inside look at the art of being a DJ. It has also been beautifully directed to create the full experience of being in the club.

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