Native Instruments reveals new vision and announces 50 million Euro investment

Native Instruments, the leading manufacturer of software and hardware for digital music production and DJing, is receiving a €50 million investment from private equity firm EMH Partners. The funds will accelerate rapid international growth of the core business as well as the development of new digital services that will provide additional value to all users.

This investment will help Native Instruments, whose products power the likes of Alicia Keys, Skrillex and Carl Cox, to achieve its vision of breaking down the barriers to music creation for all music lovers. Over the past 12 months the company has made key hires in Berlin and Los Angeles, including the former CEO of Beatport, Matthew Adell. These specialized teams have commenced development of new digital services designed to redefine the landscape of music creation and the surrounding industry over the next year.

Technology has democratized music making over the past two decades; what was once held exclusively by recording studios is now available at home. However, Native Instruments believes the market potential for music creation remains untapped; and there is a huge opportunity to improve the experience for the current market. The company plans to unlock the future of music creation for all music lovers.

“Native Instruments has written a remarkable success story since its foundation over 20 years ago, and we are now ready for the next chapter,” said Daniel Haver, CEO of Native Instruments. “By developing intuitive and powerful products we’ve empowered music creators globally to further realize their potential. Today we’re seeing demand from increasingly diverse market segments, which opens enormous potential for growth. With EMH Partners we have a strong partner at our side to exploit this potential.”

Mate Galic, CTO and President added “We believe music creation products and services should be integrated in a more appealing, intuitive and cohesive way. We foresee an easily accessible music creation ecosystem that connects user centric design, with powerful technology and data, to further enable the music creators of today, and welcome the new creators of tomorrow.”

To help realize this vision, Native Instruments is engaging in a global recruitment drive to hire the world’s leading technology talent in Berlin, Los Angeles and London, and expects to announce more detailed plans in early 2018.

Native Instruments was founded in 1996 with the mission to develop innovative, fully-integrated solutions for all musical styles and professions. Twenty years later the company’s products are not only used by a vast majority of professional producers, musicians and DJs such as Depeche Mode, Alicia Keys, Skrillex and Carl Cox, but also by an ever increasing number of amateurs.

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