Native Instruments to discontinue long list of products

Native Instruments has announced that it’s discontinuing a long list of older software products and that, after 31 May 2020, you won’t be able to reinstall them on a new computer.

The list includes not only plugin instruments and effects (Absynth 2 and 3, Battery 2, FM7, Pro-53, Spectral Delay and Guitar Rig 2, for example) but also various versions of the Traktor DJ software and a raft of third-party sample libraries.

The end of these products’ lives will coincide with the discontinuation of the Service Center activation tool. Going forward, all NI products will need to be activated and managed via the Native Access platform.

NI points out already installed and activated products can still be used without limitation and that most of the products have a newer version with the same or better functionality, either released by itself or one of its partners. It advises customers to check specific product pages or discuss new and alternative libraries with specific third-party manufacturers.

You can find the full list of soon-to-be-discontinued products on the Native Instruments website.

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