New Barcelona record shop & music community hub ‘The Underground Music Network’ opens

Subwax founder Jimi Disko and former employee Ramon Espinosa have just launched a new multipurpose music workshop in Barcelona (1st June). The Underground Music Network acts as a record store, radio station, booking agency, community hub, event space and recording studio. A range of courses / services will be available from the location, with a view to help independent artists break into the industry.

“The Underground Music Network is more than a record store: it’s a collaborative centre which will shape and reshape itself with projects and artists involved on many different levels. The project has great meaning to me as I want to use my experience to give something back, mainly by helping young producers and DJ’s get started and also to make the whole Barcelona scene stronger, more versatile and less commercial. In the long term, I want The Underground Music Network to become an institution for music lovers and a place where you always feel welcome.” Jimi Disko.

Subwax Distribution will continue to operate as a separate entity, run by Baldo Gallego and Paul Marele. The pair have been running the distribution angle exclusively since April 2020, signing more than seventy new labels in just one year. The number of labels signed to the roster now verges on two hundred, with the likes of Gene On Earth’s Limousine Dream, Hamish & Hugh’s Butter Side Up, Huerta’s Leizure and Baldo’s own Physical Education all being produced and distributed by the company.

“We were very excited when the opportunity arose to take over the distribution side of Subwax. The distribution service has been around for years, with a strong roster of releases and we felt it shouldn’t stop there. Our goal is to grow Subwax into an established name within the world of record distribution, continuing to deliver mostly vinyl exclusive releases, but we aren’t ruling out the possibility to expand to digital distribution in the future, without cutting back on quality.” Baldo Gallego & Paul Marele.

The Underground Music Network first opened its doors to the public on Tuesday, 1st June with the opening of its on-site record store. At its peak, the shop will:
● House more than 10,000 vinyl releases across a multitude of underground genres
● Act as a radio station, with shows broadcast live on a weekly basis
● Be used to host daytime networking events and label showcases

The team behind the project will be offering a training / networking service for new label owners, putting them in contact with distributors and teaching them how to operate imprints successfully. This is an area Jimi is well versed in given his seven years’ experience running Subwax.

Connect with The Underground Music Network:

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