Stephan Jacobs teams up with ex-CEO of Beatport Matt Adell, Henry Strange and Terrence Scoville to form new Livestream platform

We all need to come together with others for life’s greatest experiences to really matter. Laughter, dancing, competition, listening to music and learning all are enhanced when we do them with others. The rise of social media, on-demand content, tribalism, niche shared interest groups that connect asynchronously and of course, Covid 19, have kept people away from each other. Moments of togetherness have become few and far between, except in the world of Livestreaming.

That is why they built To bring people together at the same time, experiencing the same thing. This is Togetherness.With, Livestream creators reach more people and create new fans.

Features for Livestream creators

  • Create a promotional page for your livestream or series
  • Share your page across all social media platforms
  • Aggregate, message and retarget your audience
  • Get more viewers is here to help fans discover and view their favorite Livestreams.

  • Features for Viewers
  • Create a watchlist of upcoming livestreams you want to see
  • Get messages from the livestream creator
  • Get notified when the Livestream is starting with convenient links to start viewing

All for Free.

We’re optimizing connectivity between Livestream Creators and fans.
The world of Livestreaming is highly fragmented. Creators are challenged to reach new fans who may not already be regular users of their particular platform. Fans have no way to know where and when their favorite creators will be Livestreaming. is dedicated to solving these problems so creators can focus on creating and fans can enjoy more of what they love. is not another Livestreaming platform.
Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom and more will continue to thrive and grow. We are the middle layer that removes friction and fragmentation.

Who are we? was founded in March 2020 by Stephan Jacobs, Matthew Adell, Henry Strange and Terrence Scoville. We are all musicians and creators ourselves.

Where we are going.
We are building to serve the entire Livestreaming ecosystem. Ratings, engagement metrics and reviews will be made available to creators and brands alike to create new revenue streams for creators and placement opportunities for brands.

About the Author

Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.