Nick Muir and Moonface provide masterclass remixes for Paul Sawyer’s latest release on Krafted Underground

Artist: Paul Sawyer
Title: Nemesis
Remixers: Nick Muir and Moonface
Label: Krafted Underground
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive

Paul Sawyer is a veteran of the UK music scene, hailing from the hot-bed South Coast UK scene that grew up during the nascent years of the electronic music scene spawning talents such as James Zabiela, Moonface, Collective States (formerly Mongo) Alan Fitzpatrick and Ronnie Spiteri. Paul’s imprint, Krafted, co-run with Darren Braddick, has released over 500 packages across the label group which surely must make Paul one of the unsung heroes of house music. ‘Nemesis’ is a typically melodic techno/progressive crossover with lush melodies and a mature outlook, showcasing Paul’s years of experience as a DJ and producer. Driven by a strong percussive groove and growling melodic bassline it’s the undulating melody that lifts this track to be something special. The long breakdown showcases the delicate melody kicking back into a monster dark groove.

What propels this package to real standout status is the choice of remixers. Nick Muir, as one half of Bedrock and longtime John Digweed production partner, is well recognised as a leading producer in the electronic music industry, but Nick is a talent on his own right with a stellar body of work under his own name. Nick brings such a seasoned, polished sound to this package it leaves you in no doubt of his own heritage and experience. Every element in his remix, from his own interpretation of the growling bassline (switched to lead) and the wide, round bass that underpins the track is clear and clean, expertly positioned in the mix to be full and clear. The lead melody sits lower in the mix adding detail along with cut-up vocals and building atmospherics which combine to make a snarling beast of a track – a club weapon that is absolutely firing. There are no commercial elements, no tired or clichéd sounds, just pure Nick Muir quality production. An absolute masterclass remix.

Moonface is a pioneer in the electronic music industry with a long track record of leading underground sounds and styles. Make no mistake he is not a follower of trends and never will be, which gives you the reassurance that whenever you tune in to a Moonface production you’ll get something made from the heart, the interpretation of an artist. His remix here is no different. It compliments the rest of the package but stamps his own inimitable style on the production. Deep and heavyweight, yet beyond classification, there are elements of deep house, techno, breakbeat and ethereal oddness that somehow hang together to showcase his still fresh underground sound. The drums are big and unexpected with lovely floor toms dropping in and out, the undulating melody comes up through the breakdown and brings the arrangement to a wild peak just after the breakdown. Close your eyes, open your mind and let it wash over you. Don’t try and understand, just try to absorb the smouldering groove and the journey it takes you on. Another absolute banger of a remix.

The success here is the strength across the breadth of the package, original and remixes. Oozing quality and experience I would recommend you not miss ‘Nemesis’.

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About the Author

Triggs is a music writer, producer & DJ with over 20 years’ experience of being in and around the electronic music scene. As part of the ‘Southern Cross’ production team he has had releases on Evolution’s seminal Fluid Recordings, State of the Eye, Sony, Columbia, Stripped, Krafted, Hype Muzik, Segment, Disco Electronica and has remixed Karyn Park, Jomanda, Ryan Luciano and Seb Dhajje amongst many others. His latest project, Mice & Men, sees him producing the lead album track on Sam Mollison’s (Sasha – Magic) album and is gaining traction with original productions and remixes.