Nick Warren’s ‘The Soundgarden’ Label Announces Debut LP From Nicolás Rada

Giving a platform to exceptional emerging artists has long been a goal of Nick Warren. The legendary DJ and producer has been championing new music for decades, bringing up-and-coming artists into the fold of his label, ‘The Soundgarden’. One artist welcomed into a close affiliation with Nick is Argentinian DJ and Producer, Nicolás Rada. Having collaborated with Nick last year on their ‘Land Of Dreams’ EP, Nicolás returns to ‘The Soundgarden’ with his debut album, ‘Resilience’, announced today with a 3-track ‘Resilience (Sampler)’, providing an exciting taste of what is to come on the wider LP project that sees Nicolás merge his two passions, music and flying airplanes.

“Resilience is the ability to be happy or successful again after something difficult or bad has happened. For me it was the concept of my album to transform bad things or difficult moments into music. As a Pilot, my passion for airplanes brought airport names, flight physics and technical vocabulary to the names of the album tracks. I love merging my two passions.” – Nicolás Rada

An enigmatic producer and a master in emotional expression, Nicolás Rada is making quite an impression on the global scene. Constantly pushing the boundaries of genre restriction, he studiously avoids the tedious in favour of the vibrant options open to him across his broad creative palette. Drawing inspiration from many miscellaneous sources, Nicolás finds the music of Radiohead, Chopin, Beethoven, Led Zeppelin, Pavarotti and the sounds of Syrian-Lebanese music all fitting into the sonics of his sound. As a trained pianist, Nicolás holds an innate and hugely diverse mixture of musical ideas and attitudes that also manifest in his music making; an exceptionally original and enlightened electronic artist.

Unveiling initial cuts from his Nicolás hints at the stylistically diverse realm presented within the forthcoming album release. Drawing from his passion for flying airplanes, the dopamine releasing, melody rich ‘Narita’ find its name from one of Tokyo’s main airports. Paying further homage with terms relative to aviation is the powerful, yet delicate, low-slung ‘Gravity’ featuring the enticing vocals of Russian singer Eleonora, along with the percussively driven ‘Ionosphere’. As this sampler enters the atmosphere, the pending LP promises to bring more of Nicolás’s unbridled talent, sure to resonate in the mind and soul long after the final notes have faded away.

Nicolás Rada ‘Resilience’ LP will be released 1st November via The Soundgarden. Stream or pre-purchase here

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