Night time economy restrictions killing employee confidence


Businesses across the hospitality and night time economy sector are struggling to meet resource demands for the easing of restrictions on the 21st June, with considerable shortages of part time workers, managers and licensed security resources.

The industry is suffering in many cases from the success of the furlough scheme where many workers have decided not to return to the industry, as predicted within the APPG survey carried out in February 2021 where 85% of workers within the night time economy were considering leaving the sector.

This has been compounded by Brexit and the migration of many of the international staff returning to their home countries, as well as industry displacement where workers have had to find other work in different sectors due to the long term closure of the hospitality and night time economy sector.

The biggest concern for much of the workforce is the erratic nature of Government lockdowns and restrictions, which has led to a lack of confidence in the long term sustainability of work within the sector.

Many employers have resorted to incentivising staff with bonuses, alongside other financial and employment benefits to encourage new staff to apply. Some employers believe that the Government needs to consider a ‘Regeneration Visa’ to give greater access for international workers to return.

The current shortage could place additional financial pressure on many sectors, with pay rates and benefits which hit the bottom line becoming key to attracting new staff. With the increase in resourcing costs across the board, coupled with the current trading environment and financial constraints, operators have some key challenges ahead.

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