NITA and Culture24 issue joint statement of the future of the UK night time economy

The Night Time Industries Association, the industry’s Trade Association and Membership Organisation, and Culture24, the producers of the Museums at Night festival, announce a joint declaration to bring the museum and gallery world together with clubs, bars and venues to promote and develop the UK’s world-beating evening culture and nightlife offer.

The statement reads:

“Culture24, the arts charity that works to support museums and galleries to develop their night-time offer, and The Night Time Industries Association, who promote the unique contribution of The Night Time Industry in the UK and internationally, are committed to working together to help to develop the UK’s cultural night-time ecology.

Over the next few months we will announce a series of initiatives designed to boost the contribution that Lates (museum and gallery night-time events) make towards the UK’s night- time economy and support developing connections between visual and performing arts sectors of the night-time economy.

This is the first time that industry-level connections have been forged between two organisations that have so much in common and are derived from a deeply-held belief that the UK night-time cultural offer is capable of simultaneously lifting the nation’s spirits, generating wealth and jobs and contributing to a cultural renaissance on the high street!”

Alan Miller, Chairman of The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) will be one of the speakers at Culture24’s conference A Culture of Lates at The National Gallery on Friday 1 June. The one-day conference for museum/gallery after-hours events’ programmers, venue decision-makers, independent producers and night-time industry practitioners is the first of its kind and will be examining the role of Lates in the night-time economy.

Alan Miller says:

“It is in the night time that we are often at our most creative. In the post-war period, it has always and consistently been nightlife and specifically the dance floor where the next cultural phenomenon has always been hatched. From the Beatles to the Mods, fashion design, retail, tourism and advertising, from Carnaby Street to The Hacienda and Stormzy, our national culture has been continually transformed and reinvented here. That is why it is so exciting to be speaking at The National Gallery and launching this joint statement with Culture24. Bringing together Britain’s world class museums and galleries to collaborate with our Night Time Industries is game-changing news for the UK!”

This conference provides the opportunity to consider seriously how a burgeoning cultural renaissance can infuse the programming and curation of the cities of our future. Drawing on research Culture24 published in February and historic work of The NTIA, this event sees the incarnation of a joined-up approach for producers, programmers, city planners and promoters to jointly conceptualise the 24-hour cities of our future.

Nicholas Stockman, Campaigns Manager Culture24 says:

“I’m so excited to be working with Alan and the NTIA on joining up museums and galleries with bars, clubs and all performance spaces to boost our night-time economy. It feels a bit like that moment when you taste a cocktail with two new ingredients that have never been combined together – why didn’t we do this before?! When people go out for a great night they don’t make a distinction between performance or visual arts spaces, they just want to be entertained. This is about helping them do that more often and in a diverse range of spaces.

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