No Bounds Festival returns in 2024

Since 2017 No Bounds has been breaking down barriers and building new bridges through music, art, and technology. With Sheffield as a backdrop, a city with a history steeped in groundbreaking musical discoveries, the festival continues to write this narrative by showcasing both local, established, and up-and-coming artists and collectives alongside internationally acclaimed acts to grace the city’s stages with disruptive discoveries.
The theme for 2024 is ‘Agency & Revelation’ which explores and shines a light onto transitional and hidden spaces, places, connections and stories. opening up new dialogues and exploring the cultural fabric and links between Sheffield and its boroughs, inviting audiences to engage with the region’s architecture, culture, and communities in innovative ways.

This year No Bounds invites some of its most revered guests including Flowdan (live) off the heels of his Grammy win; Sheffield Bassline icon Big Ang, Metalheadz legend DJ Storm, acclaimed Tara Clerkin Trio (live), Iceboy Violet & Nueen (live), Manuka Honey,  Kelman Duran, Batu,re:ni, first-ever b2b between TSVI & Stenny, Toumba, Lord Spikeheart (live) and many more.

Always with a focus on supporting Northern both established and up-and-coming acts, initiatives, collaborations, and organisations, No Bounds reveals that the legendary Sinai Sound System will be powering up 

Hope Works main room, as well as the Raze Sound System across other stages. No Bounds invites resident 96 Back to return to premiere a new project which is a collaboration between himself, aya and Jenifer Walton called Microplastics. SY Rockers, the project between Mella Dee & Reuben Gwill plays a hybrid live. Also inviting Sheffield MC and producer Coco (live), Commodo, local dnb / jungle maverick Charla Green; and regular NTS host Lupini will deliver a brand new pop-up radio project.

For the first time, No Bounds reveals a Saturday afternoon session on the Sinai Sound System travelling through vibrations from Dub, Dancehall to Techno in the Hope Works main room. Taking us on the journey will be Kelman Duran, Manuka Honey, SY Rockers as well as Sheffield legends Winston Hazel, the first person to ever release on Warp Records (as part of Forgemasters), alongside fellow kabal resident and respected Sheffield DJ, Pipes.

No Bounds also announces collaborations with BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ collective The Beatriarchy inviting PXSSY PALACE, Gracie T, Colecta, Shannon From Admin, and MYNA, plus a talk, and workshop; Algorave x Pattern Club live coding workshop/rave; and Amy Carter Gordon of Hallam University for a sprawling art exhibition across various venues exploring the climate crisis.


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