Peru’s No Signal Records celebrates 5 years with a compilation album of its biggest talents

After five years of building a foundation, No Signal Records celebrates it’s anniversary in July 2016. A special release by various artists will include music by the founder/owner Izakaya Deployment.

“First of all, it was a dream for me to be the owner of a record label, it was difficult at the beginning because I had to ask producers to make music for my record label, a digital label that did not exist yet. After sending the first releases to the distribution I was allowed to start with No Signal Records, I was so excited!” – Izakaya Deployment

It also features music from big talents like the owner of the Japanese label Bass Works Recordings, Sugiurumn and an original mix by Cesar Sara, who started his residency at Bizzaro many years ago, regarded as the best nightclub in Lima, Peru.

“The album is a compilation of new fresh music by me as Izakaya Deployment, my friend and resident at Bizarro, Cesar Sara, my friend and label owner of Bass Works Recordings, Sugiurumn and more artists like Hubert Gomez, Mindlabz, Steve Sai, Ice Drums and Sound Sour.” – Izakaya Deployment

Release 050 will be released on July 18th and showcases many underground talents as a way to celebrate a road of effort, dedication and love for music. Indeed, the No Signal Records radio show spreads the best music on Proton Radio and is a special promoter of underground on electronic music worldwide.