Nora En Pure – touring is exciting but also takes quite some energy

She’s the diva of Deep House/ Nu Disco one can hardly ignore, South Africa born and pure bred talent Daniela Niederer has been pushing all sorts of musical boundaries in the dance music scene of late. Here’s an up close and personal chat with one of the busiest DJ/Producers of the style, popularly known as Nora En Pure, as she embarks on her first international debut gig at A Day Of sLick! in Mumbai, India.

Hello Nora, big thanks for chatting with me for Decoded Magazine. First things first, where were you born and would you say your growing up years musically rich?

It’s a great pleasure, thank you for having me. I was born in South Africa and spent my first years there before I moved to Switzerland. During my early years I listened to a lot of Rock and Pop music, and through my parents, we kids were also exposed to a lot of classical music, especially great pianists.

What were you listening to while growing up?

I listened to many different genres, but mainly rock music, I also enjoyed movie sound tracks or cinematic music that takes you away into another world.

Do you know how to play any musical instruments?

I used to play the Flute for many years, Drums and Piano.

Any early influences you can recall that really made you sit up and want to be part of the electronic dance music industry?

Before the big boom for electronic music happened, I had already started to listen to different genres such as Tech House/ Deep House and also Progressive House. It was fascinating for me to see how much electronic music can touch, so far I had experienced that only with real instruments, bands and singers.

Did you get formal training in DJing or was it just you with the machines, self taught so to speak?

DJing is like playing an instrument, if you have the feel for rhythm and the passion for this music I don’t think you need a proper training, you will get there yourself like with any other instrument.

What made you choose Deep House and Indie Dance, and did you experiment with any other styles in the initial days?

When I started out, I also tried a bit of Tech House, but most of the times I felt like using some instruments and to create a certain vibe. The more I tried it, the more I liked it, the music then became more positive and uplifting and that is what most people enjoy I feel.

With the recent explosion of Deep House world-wide, do you think this style is at a good place, in terms of productions and promotions by way of labels who are pushing this out there?

Normally when there is boom in some genre, an overflow with productions in that genre takes place. There is so much music coming out every single day and its important to keep track of the really good stuff coming out. Me and my partners at Enormous Tunes Records always try to meet the highest possible quality level in what we release.

When do you reckon the production bug bit you?

I started playing around with logic much before I started dJing. I was mainly interested and fascinated by the creation of music. I started playing more regularly as soon as booking requests started to come in.

So whats on the equipment rider for your DJ sets?

I use the standard equipment; 3 pioneer CDJS 2000 and the pioneer DJM 900. I keep my music more or less organised with Rekordbox.

Your productions such as “Uruguay”, “True”, “Turn It Around” always seem to have that friendly, sunny vibe. Is it safe to say, you like to keep your music simple and also any track you’ve produced you hold dear?

Most of my tracks have a positive sunny vibe. Guess that comes from the lack of sun I am suffering in Switzerland. No, but when I produce I like to imagine a scene beforehand and create some music that takes you there. But I wouldn’t call that simple necessarily.

Which labels are you tied up with currently?

Since me and some partners have our own record labels (Enormous Tunes Records, No Definition Records, Indiana Tones) and I am signed to some majors, I keep releasing on Enormous Tunes. Only my remixes get released through other labels such as Ultra, Ministry of Sounds etc.

Describe a typical day in the life of Nora En Pure.

Well my life at the moment is pretty much divided in touring and being home resting or in the studio. The touring is exciting but also takes quite some energy, so when I come home I love to catch up with family and best friends and just recover from the flights and long nights.

A Day Of sLick! your first outing in Mumbai, India. Any message for your fans who’re excitedly waiting to hear you. Lastly, any set plans?

Yes I am super excited, it s my very first time playing in India and I cant wait to see how the vibe is. I saw the great line up and I am sure it will be a massive party. The set depends on the crowd always!
Hope to see you all there!

Nora En Pure performs at A Day Of sLick, Mumbai – India on the 14th of March.


About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.