Northern Lights Music release the atmospheric ‘Mission Critical’ by Roberto Traista

Artist: Roberto Traista
Title: Mission Critical
Label: Northern Lights Music
Release date: Out Now!
Cat No: NLM019
Genre: Techno

Another cutting edge producer in the electronic scene the Egypt resident K-Nass manages to hold everyone’s attention by steering his label Northern Lights Music to high ground with Progressive House that makes an impression, with a release such as this. The label brings in an EP titled, ‘Critical Mission’ from Romanian Producer/DJ, Roberto Traista whose diverse discography is worth watching out for.

The original mix starts off with trippy precision, measuring its way and winding intelligently out from the speakers, its beats shimmer and tremble as if they were constructed out of liquid gold but hard as the other nature of the metal. The energetic bass doesn’t hurry or bang your head in and barely changes direction. There’s a tingling underside of compressed electronics all rolling one on top of the other and keeps you interested, and the spacey thudding bass does wonders for the floor.

The pack holds strongly as it invites the youthful expertise of Argentinian duos Analog Jungs for the first of the two remixes. Their handiwork provides a popping, drummy bass line and an atmospheric line that sprinkles stardust all over the original and turns it in to be a beauty of its own. This version is like walking through a magnetic storm of hypnotic astral music. Fantastic stuff!!

The second remix see’s a Nicolas Petracca ‘Mayday’ Remix, who for me is a veritable treasure trove of underground music talent from Argentina, his rework launches the track to another stratosphere by lovingly adding tightly woven refracted harmonics, deep, dark and fuming with dubby bass bustle that opens up in so many unexpected ways far away from where the original started from. This version is perfect for late night excursions into never land.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.