Beachcoma kick off 2017 with the superb ‘Still Her EP’ by Norwell

Artist: Norwell
Title: Still Her EP
Label Beachcoma
Released: Out Now!
Genre: House/Techno/Indie Dance

Berlin label Beachcoma kicks off 2017 with Norwell’s newest addition, ‘Still Her EP’. The label which is owned by Sid Le Rock, Fairmont and Metope is known for its playful and electronically loaded music, and has had releases from artists like Edu Imbernon, Los Suruba and of course the label bosses to name but a few. Hailing from Budapest, Norwell is back with his second EP on this label, and again he brings a characteristic, mystified and attractive collection of tracks to the table.

‘Still Her’ is a wonderful indie-electronic inspiring piece. Soft overtones and percussions accompany the catchy bassline and drums, creating a dreamy landscape that the listener to float over. Continuing with ‘Citadel’, he takes us to a place with a more serious atmosphere. A solid synth sets the mood for this odd and fascinating track. Again Norwell serves a song living of melody and quirky sounds that make up a distinguished and recognizably thought through track.

In the final track of the release, Norwell is again showing his mastery in displaying a musical travel through arrangement. ‘Karst’ is built up through adding one element after another, filling the track with tension before releasing the monumental high. When the final elements come together with the groove, the wholeness of the track is unleashed in the ongoing journey of emotion.

The ‘Still Her EP’ is a unique release that captures the listener with its surprising yet strangely characteristic way. Again, Norwell compliments the style of the label in a great way and adds his own spice. There are different associations popping up with every track, some taking the listener to sandy beaches and colorful sunsets, others to hot days in the dee

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