Not enough space in your bedroom to sleep and store your vinyl at the same time?, we may have the solution for you

Those great guys over at IkeaHackers recently posted up this great way to save space and keep your vinyl off the floor and being damaged. According to ‘Maximillion’;

“When I moved in my new flat I had a smaller room than before. I needed a place where I could store all my LPs and I needed storage under my bed. When I measured the Expedits I found that they are perfect for LPs and I decided to use them to build my bed.

What you see on the pics is the finished bed (don’t look at those cables, I didn’t yet have the time to let them disappear). My first idea was to have an open corner which then would be covered with milked acrylic so I could put a lamp behind it to have some nice diffuse light in in my room. But since the Expedits take lots of their sturdiness from those end parts, I decided to ditch that idea for now, especially having in mind that a bed is not always only for sleeping…”

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