Now you can teach your kids with the help of Bose to build their very own speakers

According to the team over at usually when Bose promotes their products they focus on things like fidelity, sleek design, and room-filling sound. Their new Cube speaker, however, is all about bringing STEM learning to kids.

The Cube is a DIY Bluetooth speaker building kit. Kids don’t even need tools to get started — just a smartphone and the BOSEbuild app. The app stands in as a textbook, and it guides kids (and inquisitive adults) through the entire process.

They don’t just start out with building the speaker, either. Bose begins by teaching a few introductory lessons about how a speaker actually produces sound — which includes an experiment that uses a connected smartphone to “bounce” a magnet on a coil and variation on the classic paper speaker science fair project.

The Cube is customizable, too. Its snap-together cover panels can be personalized, and you can tweak the lighting scheme. You can even get all rave-y if you like and make the LEDs respond to the tunes as The Cube pumps them out.

Bose products have always commanded a bit of a premium, and The Cube is no exception. It’s priced at $149, which is about what you’d pay for supplies to build 140 or so fully-functional paper plate speakers. They wouldn’t be able to pair with your smartphone over Bluetooth, of course, and there’s no cleverly-designed instructional app that comes with them.

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