Now you can use Rekordbox to control the lighting during your set

Following the release of rekordbox ver 5.1 on 18th January 2018, the next version of our music management application, rekordbox, will be available on 20th February 2018. The updated software will bring new features to rekordbox dj including Lighting mode, which enables you to easily sync lights with your music during a performance.

Using the advanced phrase analysis algorithm in rekordbox (ver 5.1 or later), Lighting mode automatically creates exciting lighting sequences in sync with the tracks in your rekordbox library, drastically reducing pre-performance preparation time. The information generated in Lighting mode can be sent to any lighting fixture that supports DMX5121 via the RB-DMX1, a new dedicated DMX interface.

Download rekordbox for free. If you own a licence key for one of the rekordbox Plus Packs (rekordbox dj, video or dvs) you can upgrade to the updated version of the Plus Pack for free.

How to use Lighting mode
To control DMX512-supported lighting fixtures using rekordbox dj, you need the dedicated DMX interface, RB-DMX1.

The RB-DMX1 will be available from mid-February 2018 at an SRP of €399 including VAT. It comes with a bundled licence key for our professional DJ performance application rekordbox dj, worth €139. 1 DMX512 is a communication protocol used for controlling stage lighting equipment.

Automatic creation of lighting patterns in sync with your music
Macro Mapping feature for easily customising lighting patterns
Macro Editor feature for intuitively editing lighting sequences
Fixture Library for flexible lighting fixture configuration
Compact, robust chassis
Includes rekordbox dj licence

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