“Now we define ‘Proudly People’ as being proud to make alternative music and give it our personal touch” – Proudly People

Since the end of 2011, Proudly People is the duo founded by Gabriele di Natale and Antonio Cosentino. That faraway October 15th, they were brought together by the common will to forge a musical identity that proudly gave to alternative music their personal taste. Since then, Proudly People project aims to uniqueness through personal style, basing its research on creating sounds to be fused in tracks plenty of groove and resolute rhythmic patterns, and by performing for hot dance floors.

Productions genre ranges from techno to deep tech/house, with contaminated and dense style that is winning over lots of labels, for an impressive catalogue of tracks, EPs and remixes published on digital and vinyl supports, on dedicated projects, compilations and V.A.’s. The dance floor is natural environment to Proudly People. From the best Milanese and Italian stages, by performing in successful clubs and after hours, to artistic residency obtained since 2014 at Sankeys Ibiza with Magna Carta, the duo express itself through steady intensity DJ sets. By creating breath-taking soundscapes, balanced between delicate harmonies, dense rhythmical loops and fat basses, the peculiar sound is bringing Proudly People in several different contexts, from Europe to USA, and all around the globe.

The reason that still brings together Gabriele and Antonio is the same vision of the beginnings: to grow up, to stand out and have fun through the sound, proudly.

Welcome Gabriele and Antonio. Let’s start with your new release out now on Moon Harbour. It’s a 4 track EP titled ‘Done Deal’. Tell us about the EP and how it landed on MH?

We worked on the EP during the whole winter, researching new sounds and fresh ideas. All tracks has a different rhythmic, but have some elements in common that characterize the EP. When we finished the tracks, we tried to send them to Matthias and we were so happy to receive his answer back with a positive feedback and the possibility to release on his label.

The title track Done Deal has been getting some exposure by Matthias at Circoloco and Marco Carola over the summer. What is it like watching the buzz for your music generating before its release date?

Well, we cannot be more happy than this, receiving good support from artists like Marco Carola and Matthias it is always a pleasure and gives us an incentive to carry on this way.

Do you both have a similar background in terms of music?

More or less yes, we started in two different clubs of our home city, Milan, but soon we had the chance to play together in a back to back session and we immediately recognised that we had similar ideas and styles, that brought us to start our project.

Who or what inspires you when producing?

Honestly, the inspiration can come from different things, there is not always one way to get it. The best thing is listening to different kinds of music, not just electronic. Being open minded is the key to always have fresh ideas.

It’s a very interesting alias you have chosen. Why was that?

That’s good to hear that, because at the beginning the idea didn’t have a proper meaning, but we discovered it in a second moment. Now we define “Proudly People” as being proud to make alternative music and give it our personal touch.”

Catching a break in the industry is few and far between. How did you get your first break?

During these days, it can sometimes be useful to catch a break and restart with new ideas, especially when you feel tired of what you are doing in that moment.

What would you say is your most memorable moment to date and why?

We are lucky to say that there are a lot of good things that has happened in our short career so far. For sure the most memorable moment is the date ‘Proudly People’ was born, where everything started, it will be always unique and unforgettable. With this release we can add another date to remember, it’s a big pleasure for us to release on one of most respected labels on earth.

If we can move to the studio for a moment… Is there any special kit you for your performance that you cannot do without?

Yes, we started working with hardware some years ago and right now there are some of them that are indispensable like the Roland Tr-8, that is really useful to make resolute rhythmic patterns. Another really important bit of hardware is the Moog Subphatty, that’s good for making strong basses and nice melodies.”

How do you see the future of the music business shaping post digital piracy and the proliferation of mobile music players/streaming services?

Unfortunately it’s going to be a big problem for whoever puts love in their work, but it looks like it cannot be changed. We know that there are a lot of agencies that are working hard against the piracy and we give our best support for their precious work and we hope we can come back to the good old days, when the love of music was expressed through the support of the artists.

To get to know you both a bit deeper, are there any favourite films, art, TV or books you are hooked on right now?

Yes for sure, there is not a specific film we have in mind right now, but sure there are a lot of good ones. There is one we recently watched together, called “Straight Outta Compton” that talked about the true story of N.W.A, that deserves a watch. Also, art is another beautiful thing of life, especially in Italy, where the art is one of the most important characteristic of the cities. You can be fascinated from the thousands of artworks that our beautiful country offers.

Before our beloved music media went digital what were some of your favourite magazines you checked out for new music, event listing and all the affairs of dance music?

We collected some DJ Magazines, that was one of the most famous magazines for electronic music. Honestly though we didn’t read a lot of magazines, because we started to make music when the digital age was already developed, so we could read most of them directly online.

Music and fashion are closely related. Do you both have a favourite clothing brand, and would say one of you has more style than the other Ha!

We definitely have the same style more or less, we buy clothes from the same people or shops. The ones we want to mention at least, because they really deserve it for their work, Jack Botton and Numero 00.

Jack is a guy that lives between Ibiza and Barcelona; his work is really respected from us and we always wear his clothes around our gigs. Also Numero 00, the famous Italian brand, we get a lot of good stuff from here.

To bring the interview to a close where can we catch you playing over the coming months?

Well, we have got plans to play at our residence party ‘Too Long’ in Milan. We also confirmed some gigs in Zurich, Athens and Venice, Pescara and plenty more to be announce.”

It’s great to have you drop in. Best of luck with the new release guys.


01. System2 – ESP (Original Mix) [System2]
02. Andrea Bigi & Marius Laurentiu – Vorbe (Original Mix) [ViVa Music]
03. Proudly People – Feel The Transition (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]
04. Stanny Abram – Llittle Helper 286-6 (Original Mix) [Little Helpers]
05. Ataxia – The Rickaverse (Matt Tolfrey Remix) [Leftroom Records]
06. Hector Couto – Reloaded (Original Mix) [Roush Label]
07. Luca Donzelli & Mar-T- Paseando Por Encants (Original Mix) [Wow! Recordings]
08. Andre Butano & Pablo Inzunza – Dittepopoo (Original Mix) [Wow! Recordings]
09. Proudly People – Done Deal (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]
10. Ninetoes – Deli Kadir (Shaf Huse Remix) [Avotre]
11. Hector Couto – Alive (Original Mix) [Roush Label]
12. Matt Tolfrey & Aj Christou – Rudebot (Original Mix) [Material]
13. Proudly People – Road Quest (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]
14. Sugarhill Gang – Rappers Delight (Reelow Re-Edit)

About the Author

Since moving to Barcelona 13 years ago, Mark J established himself as a DJ, a producer, a radio presenter and a freelance writer. He is nightlife editor of Barcelona Connect Magazine and has written for various online and print publications. Mark has interviewed legendary artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire & Funk D’Void as well as emerging artists like Carlo Lio, Mark Reeve or Coyu. You can catch him DJing in Barcelona clubs the Macarena and Becool.