NYC’s Rat Island set to become futuristic eco retreat

What once was a former refuge for escaped inmates could soon transform into a boutique living space filled with prefab cabins. The 2.5 acre Rat Island Eco Retreat By Jendretzki Design is looking to be built off the coast of The Bronx in New York City, transforming the location into a futuristic small town.

The design concept envisions several zero-energy prefab cabins with enormous glass facades, allowing you to gaze upon the serene water at any time of the day. Each cabin will run on solar and wind power thanks to systems built for rainwater collection. There will also be decks and docks for compact boats and canoes for fishing. The minimalist cabins would be a tranquil escape from all the static noise of the city, so you can relax and refuel properly to take advantage of the next day. Although it’s still just a plan, the intriguing concept by the Swiss-American design company is one we’d love to see come to life.


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