Olivier Giacomotto compiles the latest edition of Get Physical’s Essentials series.

Every few months Get Physical take a moment to reflect on their catalogue and curate a selection of the tracks which made the biggest impact for everyone: Get Physical Essentials. This time the torch is passed to Olivier Giacomotto, whose hand in selection and mixing duties haven’t gone unnoticed.

First andhim’s stimulating remix of the WhoMadeWho burner, ‘There’s a Way’, bringing the pop track to the dancefloor and clearing a path for Emanual Satie’s crowd-pleaser ‘Private Show’. m.O.N.R.O.E. makes an appearance with ‘Kill It’ before we stop on Olvier’s own remix of German Brigante’s ‘Sooner or Later’ featuring Thomas Gandey.

So far the tracklist looks like a Get Physical family reunion, but it doesn’ stop there either. With even more tracks from players like Siopis, FreakMe, Paolo Rocco, more from WhoMadewho (Sante remix) and German Brigante; this is the cream of the crop here, all killer and no filler, as they say.