Om Unit and Martyn are back on 3024 with new EP ‘AJ^6’

Three years after their first collaboration, culminating in the release of “The Passenger”, Om Unit and Martyn are back on 3024 with another four track exploration of tempo and vibrations on a new EP called “AJ^6”.

The two ‘veteran’ producers have been highly prolific over the past years, with Om Unit making waves with his massive Acid Dub Studies project as well as new work under his Philip D. Kick alias, and Martyn spearheading and mentoring a robust group of new musicians responsible for no less than five (!) compilations on 3024. What brings the two producers together in the studio once again is the constant hunger for new and interesting sounds on the outer rim of the ‘bass continuum’. Instead of tirelessly rehashing old tropes they are continuously inspired to write new music that’s both current as well as firmly in their aesthetic profile.

‘Basilisk’ and ‘The Trenches’ are great examples of the duo blending odd tempos with dub wise heaviness. ‘Basilisk’ has already been doing some serious damage on the dance floor with its punchy 107 beat structure and headzy breakdown, while the almost imperial march of ‘The Trenches’ introduces a bubbly bass line. ‘Illroy’ and ‘Dragonfly’ both inhabit a dreamier, more melodic universe and have a timeless, ambivalent quality to them, somewhere between a lost b-side of an early 00s Hospital Records release and something on Scuffed

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