OMA’s Special K amplifier is their most powerful to date

The DNA of OMA are the cinema speakers and electronics from the 1930s, when triodes were the norm and amplifiers were cased in beautiful vertical racks. OMA went back to this configuration in the design of their new, most powerful amplifier.

The Special K amplifier is an integrated design like all OMA amplifiers and requires no preamplifier. With 8 new production KT88 tubes in pure Class-A triode connected push-pull design produces nearly 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Full dual-mono construction with CCS on the 6J5/6BX7 input/driver stages, all transformers custom-wound, amorphous core with silver OPTs and internal wiring. Beautifully crafted custom Hoyt meters, cast iron, nickel and lacquered wood construction with tempered glass front ensure this amplifier stands apart visually, as well as sonically.

Volume control and input selection (x4, RCA only) are easily accessed via the front panel.

25″W x 19″D x 27″H | 235 lbs

110v / 220v standard

Bandwidth measurements on Special K are truly astonishing for a tube amplifier, with -2db points at 10hz and 85Khz! You can learn more over on the brand’s website.

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