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I can’t believe we are 4 months into the new year already but it’s so good to finally see we are heading in the right direction with bars and clubs ever closer to being fully open and able to have a dancing floor again. This month’s page is a bit of goodie as I spoke to Hudd Traxx’s main man Eddie Leader on his labels 15th birthday, my ‘Get To Know’ comes courtesy of one of Australian’s finest by the name of Monika Ross and music of the month is from the awesome label ‘Telum’. 

15 Years Of Hudd Traxx

There aren’t many labels that get past their 1st birthday and then there are others that continually release gem after gem, Yorkshire’s ‘Hudd Traxx’ is one of those labels with a man like Eddie Leader at the helm. Founded in 2005 by Slum Science (Eddie Leader, Danny White & Rucky) the label was set up with the aim of breathing new life into the underground house scene, the label has been doing that for over a decade now. The label is now run purely by Eddie who is no stranger to our industry with a string of releases under his belt on labels such as Classic, Balance Alliance, Robsoul, Morris Audio, Plastic City plus his own Hudd Traxx. 

Since the labels launch it has gone on to receive countless support from around the globe from the likes of Loco Dice, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Luciano, Josh Wink and many more. Throughout their history the roster has been bursting at the seams with the likes of Jason Hodges, Alexander East, Brett Johnson, Phil Weeks, Stacey Kidd, Rhythm Plate to name but a few all having released on the label over the years. 

Now onto their #15 birthday, it seems the right time to draft some of the regulars and also bring in some newbies in creating this 2 part release to celebrate that mammoth 15 year history. Split across the two parts they have ‘Black Loops’, ‘Nightmares On Wax’ (vinyl only), ‘Jovonn’ and label boss ‘Eddie Leader’ completing part 1 with ‘JT Donaldson’, ‘Mark Hawkins’ (FKA Marquis Hawkes), ‘Iron Curtis’ and ‘Agnès’ rounding up part 2. The 2 digital exclusive tracks that make up the whole package come courtesy of ‘DFRA’ and ‘No Different’. 

Hudd Traxx is a label you can always rely on and these 12 tracks on offer here are no different to previous outings. Every track has been carefully selected in making this an outright winner across both vinyl and digital platforms.  Like most labels it’s a labour of love and these 2 EPs are another fine example that showcases uncompromising dancefloor workouts in as sincere and stylish manner as possible. 

The releases are on pre order at the moment with Part 1 released on vinyl May 14th with Part 2 vinyl and all digital (except Nightmares On Wax) on June 11th.

This release is dedicated to Richi Larkin & Yuriano 

Get to Know……Monika Ross

Australian born selector Monika Ross is an artist who has a stellar reputation and is forever on a constant rise. Monika’s accomplished musical background makes her a much sought after artist both in studio and also out on the D Floor. This DJ and producer has covered a lot of miles on this planet playing in cities like Sydney, Berlin, Zurich, Manchester, Amsterdam and everywhere in between. Her release list is just as impressive as her gig list with tracks on labels such as of ‘One Records’, ‘Banoffee Pies Records’, ‘EWax’, ‘Talman Records’, ‘WYS! Recordings’ to name but a few. 

The studio and clubland hasn’t been the only outlet for Monika as she worked as a professional audio engineer for the BBC in London throughout 2016/17. Now residing in Berlin which has been her home for 4 years, Monika is concentrating on her music full time releasing another string of winners for us. 

DJ name:  Monika Ross

Age: Timeless (haha…. actually 34 years on this crazy planet)

How long have you been DJing and producing for: DJ for 16 years and Producer for approximately 9 years 

Where are you currently based: Based in the boiler city of Deutschland, Berlin

Favourite place to play: I have more than 3 favourites to play but some exceptional places have to be SASH (Sydney), Hoppetosse & CDV (Berlin). All cities in Germany are high up in my favourites plus Fabric (London)

Your Music Style: Sick and Horny

Favourite producer: Hard question. I’m continually inspired by veteran producers that can always evolve and maintain originality in saturated genres. Also the young guns really bringing the heat at such an early age. ‘Yosh’ is exceptionally vibrational in my ears.

Favourite label: Also a hard question. There is so much quality in the execution of taste and identity in labels. I like Banoffee Pies Records for the diversity and freshness of electronica

Inspirations: The New Dance Show from the 80’s & 90’s in Detroit. Watch it – its the best thing in the world

If you had to take one piece of studio gear to a desert island, what would it be: If there was power on a desert Island I’d have to choose between a turntable to listen to or a recorder to capture the sounds around me

Who is your hero: I have a lot of heroes but currently Russel Howard bursts me at the sides and Jesse The Body is the ultimate floor ruler/Disk Jockey 

If you weren’t DJing and producing what you would be doing right now: If I’m not DJing (currently) I’m mixing ingredients instead (cooking) and really into sleeping. If I could channel another hobby or profession, I’d like to be a fortune teller

Music of the month


The TELUM juggernaut keeps on trucking and 007 is probably their best release to date! As always, the artists behind every release continue to be elusive but what we do know is that their army of supporters are still the same. Raresh, Cristi Cons, Cap, Priku, Barac, Petre Inspirescu, Lizz, Gescu and Arapu to name but a few all supporting this latest release which is about to drop soon. The Soundcloud links have been up for months and we have all been waiting in anticipation for this absolute weapon to drop, the wait is very much in sight. 

There is a nice touch on the artwork too for this release with the logo now in red. Originally the artwork was black with a yellow logo but that decision was reversed and put into RED in support for our industry being heard. As all other previous releases, if you snooze you will inevitably lose. Head over to all the usual outlets for the release and bag yourself a pre-order copy.  

Thanks for reading! Stay safe, see you next month.

Carlo x 

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Carlo Gambino, originally from the North of England but currently residing down under in Sydney. This DJ has been playing since the 90’s with releases also into double figures on the like of 3am, Real Tone, We_R_House, Jacks House to name but a few.