Robert Miles’ OpenLab returns for another successful season in Ibiza

June 2 – Sept 29th

With HEART Ibiza being one of the biggest success stories last year, Robert Miles’s OpenLab will mainstay its musical and visual events every Thursday night from the 2nd June till 29th September.

The grand opening night on the 2nd of June 2016 will again be a presentation of the most artistic visuals brought to you by Oliver Cartwright. The ever delightful weekly musical line- up exist of Robert Miles and Andy Baxter. Special Opening guest will be Nathan Fake and Dance Spirit. A new weekly special guest will be announced on the OpenLab Website and all its social media’s

OpenLab which originated as a radio broadcaster in 2013 by its founder Robert Miles has grown to be a one of a kind creative platform and community serving fans worldwide enjoying eclectic styles of music such as indie, electronica, jazz and ambient but also singer songwriter materials, art, design, fashion, technology and ecology.

It is founded to entertain, connect and find like-minded passionate, creative and eclectic people, also welcoming people in favor of technological harmony with nature. Roberts OpenLab’s Community can be found everywhere in the world, it’s employs a growing community of more than 900,000 people in 140 countries and thousands of the world’s best independent record labels, musicians and visual artists. OpenLab label- partnerships include top rated imprints such as Ghostly International, Bella Union, Mute, WahWah45s and Kompakt, labels who are to set forth a lot of musical diversity, just in style with Robert’s personal out bring to the world.

On and of Ibiza OpenLab host weekly events throughout the summer and special events can be found in
both London, Berlin and Amsterdam.
3 permanent OpenLab creative and social centers will soon be built in both Ibiza, London and Berlin, making it easy to connect and socialize with like minded. The websites social platform is a meeting point for the public on sharing ideas and creativity, set up to always inspire and entertain people.

In OpenLab’s store you can find a quarterly album compilation featuring OpenLab’s best playlist, independent music releases, art, design and ethically sourced fashion. Tickets for OpenLab at HEART Ibiza can be obtained here, here, here and here.

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