Option4 Launches Hotboi Records with single from Will Clarke

Introducing a new label for 2018, HotBOi Records is the brainchild of house music warrior option4, who brings together some of his closest buddies to create an imprint of remarkable quality and integrity.

We get it: who needs another label? It’s not like the electronic world is short of imprints promising to be the next big thing. Like anything in this world, a new addition to the industry absolutely needs to be judged on merit. So what makes HotBOi stand out from the crowd? Will Clarke, Huxley, ZDS, Option4 and more to come, in a familiar dance of creative excellence. Got your attention yet?

HotBOi will only be releasing music from extraordinarily talented artists, so you can guarantee every single thing that emerges from the HotBOi family is going to be pure fire, with the debut coming from Will Clarke.

On The Train perfectly sets the tone for the label: raw, chugging, gritty, bass-heavy, hard-hitting, grin-educing, evocative house music that makes you want to do bad things on a dark dancefloor.

Aside from the music, HotBOi Records have already produced a line of club-ready merchandise – including tees, sweats and caps – emblazoned with iconic and irreverent imagery from the creative mind of the label’s founder, option4. After working behind the scenes on HotBOi Records for the best part of a year, the stars are now aligned just in time to launch the first release in January 2018.

“Above all else I wanted to try and create something that mattered again. Music seems so disposable nowadays and this is my attempt at trying to rectify that by creating a culture that encompasses more than just music or events. Before the days of social media we really had to connect with people. Music was a HUGE part of that and THAT’s what I want to get back to. The producers that I’ve signed so far I really believe in and the music we’ll put out will not only be top quality but forward-thinking. I wanted to create something people cared about: to push things forward and take an artistic approach to running a label and build a brand and the artwork and merchandise is an important part of that. I wanted the art to reflect things that were big BEFORE social media. I want to create RARE merchandise that makes people feel special when they’re able to obtain it and not stop there.” – Option4

With previous releases on Ninja Tune, Nurvous, Club Sweat and more besides, option4 is a highly respected producer, DJ and industry hustler. Also operating as one half of the duo 909 Til Infinity alongside fellow house music devotee MANIK, in one of his other incarnations, option4 is also one of the biggest underground party promoters in the States, and the founder of TheHundred: a community movement born out frustration at the lack of club nights in Denver. TheHundred has now thrown hundreds of sold-out parties, due in no small part to his passion for and commitment to the underground electronic music scene.

Will Clarke’s ‘On The Train’ is available on Beatport from 12th January on HotBOi Records

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Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!