Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll and poet Murray Lachlan Young pay homage to garden centres

Paul Hartnoll, one half of ground-breaking electronic dance music duo Orbital and controversial poet and performance artist Murray Lachlan Young announce their lockdown-inspired musical collusion album as ‘Hartnoll & Young’.

Capturing the covid zeitgeist, “The Virus Diaries” is exactly that; a surreal and poignantly lighthearted musical wander through the ever-shifting scene of the first lockdown.

They now release their newest single ‘Garden Centre (Push The Trolley)’. Paying homage to these undervalued institutions and spotlighting them as one of the only options of escape during that whole tedious time.

The track is bright fun, uplifting and filled with infectious synth melodies, with an obvious touch of Orbital’s production prowess all humorously narrated by Murray Lachlan Young.

“In lockdown #1 I found peace in the local garden centre. I arrived feeling so grim from all the collective fear and worry. I left feeling like I’d had a chat with some wise ancestor who’d told me that everything was going to be alright in the end. The beauty was, I took some of those ancestors home with me and they still live just, outside my door. Of course, they are available for a chat whenever the need arises.” – Murray Lachlan Young

It was an important decision to allow these establishments to open with the authorities classifying them amongst the list of ‘essential shops’. This presented us Brits with an option to purchase government-approved plant-based goods and to get out of the house for a brief moment. Quickly becoming one of the only outlets that you could actually be present with other human beings, helping to temporarily alleviate anxiety and distracting us from the flow of bad news.

“Garden centres are the beating heart that feeds the arteries of the home garden. So much gentle happiness and peace relies on these humble establishments. I often buy freshly potted bedding plants from my favourite centre Rushfields. Get some Zen in your life at the garden centre.” – Paul Hartnoll

This new release follows previously released singles ‘I Need A Haircut’ and ‘Home Schooling’ all taken from their new album ‘The Virus Diaries’.

Hartnoll & Young’s ‘Garden Centre’ (Push the Trolley) is out now!

Listen / Stream ‘Garden Centre’ here.

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