One man techno institution Oscar Mulero takes us down some Hyperbolic Paths

Artist: Oscar Mulero
Title: Hyperbolic Paths
Label: Token
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

Oscar Mulero is a one-man techno institution. Operating out of Madrid since the late 1980s, his productions reflect his deep understanding of techno through his tireless and disciplined work behind the decks. After his first release on Token in 2008, the ferocious Take Seven EP, Mulero teamed up with the comparably-accomplished Christian Wünsch for two more Token releases as Spherical Coordinates, sophisticated offerings of refined big room and bleep tracks.

Hyperbolic Paths – lives true to its title. This first track starts off with elegance in synthesis, its sublime in movement, purist techno at its finest. It delivers slow pace beats, and slight modulations, it’s a slow builder and useful record. Suborbital Trajectories – more of a quick groove, essential DJ play. It bounces along tombs out and growling groove that moves out with synths not unlike what was visited in the first offering. Simplistic in form, but offers a lot in its majestic simplicity.

Inclination – hats on delayed patterns while it pitches, synth modulation intact, this is the opening, again not unlike what was first visited, the EP in general, is in keeping with the Token sound, it hisses along as the synth gains volume, by mid point the counter synth offers more counter effect, the break offers claps, its usual and unusual in its infection, another useful cut on the release. Eccentricity like Suborbital, offers more groove. Generating delayed hollows that fascinate, it’s a slow groover that I’m certain I’d find a place for; think warm up or after hours material. Overall an exciting offering from Token and Mulero.

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About the Author

Dj, Producer,Label owner of Shelter Records Dublin, Techno and house enthusiast and all round gent.