Ossa di Mare – Absence EP

Artist : Ossa di Mare
Title : Absence EP Label :
Energy Snake Records
Release : 9th June 2014
Genre : Techno

As an A&R manager, I sometimes get asked to review music which is outside of my ‘comfort zone’ of progressive house. By doing so, I enviable discover new and exciting music and artists. This EP is one of those experiences. Ossa di Mare are two experimental techno artists from Australia and Italy, who make what I can only describe as the darkest techno you can imagine. Its pretty darn good! Opaque is a heavily textured and surprisingly sparse workout. Rock hard drums drive the track which features very little other percussion. The dark overtones of bass and tonal textures do a great job themselves and the whole piece fills the listener with foreboding and dread. Now don’t be put off by that, some of the best techno I’ve heard is dark and broody and this is certainly that. If I were to play it in a set, it would fit best late at night, somewhere like Berghain.

Absence, the title track is a little more, well, mainstream sounding techno. A growling bass and slightly muted drums make way for a great skippy hat line and more of those heavily distorted sweeps and builds. This one is a stomper. Theres no other way to dance to this sort of techno, it grabs you by the balls and never lets you go. Over the course of the track, elements filter into earshot and a terrific tension lifts the track. There are enough drops to satisfy any dance floor and the hypnotic nature of the track will have all the purists shazamming away. All in all a great find on a label I will definitely be checking out again.