Parallel Berlin bigwig, Daniela La Luz drops four sublime acid cuts on Chiwax

Artist: Daniela La Luz
Title: Come Into My Land
Label: Chiwax
Cat No: CTX02
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Acid House / House

2016 was a big year for Daniela La Luz, her tune ‘Feel the Future’ from the ‘Foreverness EP’ (released on her own Parallel imprint) was everywhere after tINI dropped it on a Cocoon mix. She added an LP to Housewax and also managed to find the time to sculpt one of this writer’s favorite EP’s of last year with Hakim Murphy on Rawax with the ‘Volcarized EP’. But La Luz finally returns for her first EP on Chiwax.

The opener starts with a bouncing wayward kick and a squiggly, subtle synth as the kick finds direction and the main acid hook pops up and pretty well grabs a hold of your hips and commences shaking them. Very simple, very funky bassline begins twisting and tweaking sublimely, the restrained percussion sharpens up a little providing just the right about of swing to that acid funk. (Good acid house is all about swing to funk ratio). The intelligent percussion teases along with the funk as a swarm of bees glide in to join the party, and help build and release tension, eventually morphing into a synth eerie enough to give the entire track that sinister feeling and blending seamlessly with the acid line.

A2, ‘Come In To My Land’ starts off with what’s seemingly becoming Daniela’s trademark dancing off beat, kick intro and into 4/4 and sweet chicken that’s a funky bass line! A hollowed out 303 immediately grabs hold of you, while simple, intelligent hats hold it all in place perfectly as a light 909 snare summons a ridiculous well-crafted baseline. Now the first vocal beckons, “Come Into My Land”. Not so much inviting you, almost daring you to cross the line. A sci-fi synth glides along with the aforementioned acidic funkiness as now she’s almost pleading with us, reassuring us, “Oh, I’ll take you to my land. I’ll make you understand”, building and decaying in intensity with the rest of the track, with well automated slices of percussion slip past you.

Flip, and it’s not messing around. A lazy, plump acid line greets us and leads us into a field of claps and almost immediately into all manner of chimes, bells and clackers which begin dancing all around you, descending gently one moment then pouring the next. Eventually, they’re gone again and you’re just left with that rolling acid loop that somewhat reminds me of something Pooley would have done under, Ides on Acid Fuckers Unite.

Last but not least is ‘Hundertzwölf’, a slower, more relaxed acid work out. Great acid loop twists and turns as light synth work and classic acid house percussive workouts make this the perfect closer to a tidy EP.
 The tiny details in her production from the automation of her effects, to the time you can tell she taken to get the tone and energy just right, especially in the title track, “Come In To My Land”. 
Another solid four tracks from Ms. La Luz, hopefully, this one brings her the kudos she deserves. In the early 90’s Beltram had us singing “Ecstasy”, now in 2017 Daniela La Luz will have us singing “Natural High”.

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About the Author

Growing up in Melbourne Matt’s introduction to electronic music happened during the legendary rave scene erupting in the warehouses of Melbourne’s industrial West. Matt grew up on all the classics, Carl Cox’s 'F.A.C.T', Laurent Garnier’s ‘Laboratoire’ mix, and of course all the Reactivates and early K7 mixes. During the winter of 1995, Derrick May & Stacey Pullen introduced Matt to Detroit techno, and that was that. Soon after Jeff Mills released ‘Live at The Liquid Room’ and Matt already all consuming interest in deejaying and techno exploded. Fast forward 20 plus years and Matt is still obsessed with electronic music, records and deejaying. Now a resident for the flagship Australian techno label, Nightime Drama, Matt has played alongside some of the biggest names in techno including Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, Derrick May, DJ Bone, Dasha Rush, Kangding Ray, and many more.