Partying on Tattooine with 6000 fellow ravers at Les Dunes Electroniques

Les Dunes Electroniques is a special festival in many ways, but principally because it allowed the people of Tunisia to get away from the many struggles in recent years and to forget about them to be united through music. Sadly, this amazing electronic festival has been forced to take a four-year hiatus due to well-publicised attacks in the region, but after witnessing it firsthand, we can safely say that it’s back with a vengeance!

In total there were 6000 electronic ravers attending the event and almost all of them local Tunisians! One thing is for sure — they did not hold back and got into the groove for the weekend. The location of the festival itself is iconic as it used to film part of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace where young Anakin Skywalker is growing up on Tattooine. The dry, hot Sahara feels almost sacred and seeps history and culture.

There are plenty of local activities to do such as go on camel rides or explore authentic local markets and many more. The weather is absolutely stunning too from countless salmon pink sunrises and sunsets to vast scores of stars looking down on you from light years away. A truly magical place. Of course the music was like nothing else, with Archie Hamilton blasting the pounding tech house and Luciano’s percussive minimal beats had the crowd throwing some crazy shapes. Nicolas Lutz really impressed and took everyone on a journey as he closed everything on the Sunday night.

Honestly, Les Dunes Electroniques is a festival experience like no other. Immerse yourself within the amazing local foods, friendly people, beautiful setting and some of the biggest international DJ’s the music scene has to offer. It has it all. Our advice: lock yourself in for 2020!

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