“As DJs we felt the need to have the missing tune we were looking for in our records bags. From this idea we created something groovy and dark with afro influences” – Pastaboys

Pastaboys are an Italian house music production and DJ team made up of Dino Angioletti, Cristiano Rinaldi (aka DJ Uovo) and Davide Santandrea (aka DJ Rame). They delivery house music as it should be, packed with groove, soul, passion, and a nod to the classics. The trio are based in Bologna, Italy and talk with just as much passion as their music delivers. They have been involved in the scene for more than two decades now and had a number of successful releases including ‘Born Again’, ‘Body Resonance’, ‘Limit’, ‘Hozho, and ‘Deep Musique’.

The guys have just released ‘Kolo Kolo’ on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels imprint which has been marked as a personal milestone for the trio. If you have not had the opportunity to listen to their music I strongly suggest you do if you love your house music.

I grabbed a few moments of the Pastaboys time to talk about their recent release, their history in the scene, and of course, their incredible home, Bologna.

After a couple of minutes small talk it was clear the Pastaboys were absolutely buzzing about their latest release on Crosstown Rebels. They informed me that had been spending a lot of time in the studio of late… “We’ve been working a lot in the studio lately for Pastaboys’ new material after a few months break we dedicated to other side projects, and we’re excited more than ever for what’s coming next.” If you are a fan of their sound this will be music to your ears I am sure. I know I am certainly looking forward to seeing what sounds they guys have created in their studio. I asked the guys what it was that first got them into the sounds of electronic music…

“Since we were kids we were attracted by music in general: Rame’s father was a deejay in the 70’s and we all had this passion in common which brought us together listening to music, digging through all genres starting from Krautrock to Jazz, Disco, Funk and Hip Hop. We spent loads of days in stores, garages or basements, and the explosion of house music coincided with the beginning of our career… we were born that way.”

Skipping forward to the present day I was keen to hear more about the guys latest release, ‘Kolo Kolo’ which is an EP filled with infectious grooves. I asked how the track came about and how they would describe the track to our readers…

“As DJs we felt the need to have the “missing tune” we were looking for in our records bags. From this idea we created something groovy and dark with afro influences: we started from a sample and developed the idea using Juno 106, Akai MPC and Prophet, all mixed and arranged through Ableton Live.”

Talking about production and time in the studio made me think about how the guys produce as a trio? Who takes on what role in the studio? “This is a classic question! We don’t have specific roles: everyone brings ideas that can come from anywhere and then we carry on together during our sessions in the studio. Of course, sometimes the ideas are virtually done. Some of our most successful works are born for the 90% by just one of us, but we will never say which ones do what!” We went on to speak about their favourite tools in the studio and what some of their go-to hardware/software is?

Ableton Live, Pro Tools, UAD plugins, Fabfilter plugins, Waves plugins.

Hardware and Tools:
Mac Pro, Universal Audio Apollo, KRK V8, Akai MPC 2000 XL, Roland Juno 106, Roland TB 303 Bassline, Moogerfooger MF-101, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer, Nord Lead 2, Roland TR 707, Roland TR 909, Fender Rodhes MK II, Prophet 6.

After a rather lengthy talk about hardware and software, and general studio I chat I asked the guys what can we expect from them in 2018?

“We’ve created loads of material in the studio over the last year and we’re deciding now what to do with it, an album is for sure an option. We keep working on new tracks as long as there’s inspiration and desire to work together. The most important thing in music is don’t force the creative flow”

Besides creating new music and DJing the Pastaboys are behind Pastaboys Records and Manocalda. I was keen to find out if we could expect more output from the labels which have not seen a release for a few years now… “This is the only subject which we’re still discussing: at the moment we’re not having the same ideas for their near future but probably yes, something will show up soon.” The response didn’t fill me with confidence of anything soon but hopefully in the not so distant future.

DJing as a pair can often be very difficult but as a trio surely that is impossible… I asked the Pastaboys about their DJing and how it works as a trio. “Fortunately we don’t always play together, this would be a mess sometimes! Still, we don’t fight amongst ourselves even if there’s a healthy rivalry in and out of the DJ booth.” I went on to ask them about what they get up when they are not gracing the decks or in the studio… “We have different passions and different ways to spend free time: favorite things we do are for sure traveling, reading and going out for concerts and exhibitions. Of course, also cooking as we’re Italians.” All this talk of food was making me very hungry, and having been to Bologna, I was keen to ask the guys about food and pasta in particular. Come on I had to… they are called the Pastaboys and come from the pasta capital if Italy… the response was to the point and told me all I need to know… “Tortellini, Tagliatelle, and Lasagne are the best! Would never change our typical dishes with no other ones.” Seems fair, and one I would agree with! Besides eating beautiful Italian food the trio are also big fans of basketball… “We love basketball and we always go to the games! We’re big fans of both teams we have in our town and we’re proud to live in this community that someone used to call “Basket City”. Believe us it is something big.”

It would appear that the music scene and venues across Italy have taken a battering over recent years. I asked the guys about the scene in Bologna and if there were any hidden gems around the city… “Bologna used to be on of the best city in Italy for electronic music and had some incredible years, but now a bit like overall in Italy, even here we’re suffering the crisis. Still, venues like Cassero, Link, MamBo or Kindergarten never gets old for some proper fun! A hidden gem for sure is Nero Factory, a super nice cocktail bar/live music club of our good friend Edo.”

I went on the speak to the Pastaboys about some of there favourite gigs of late… “we carefully choose which gigs to play with Pastaboys. We have enough gigs with our solo projects which allow us to select shows. One we had a couple of months ago in an amazing Castle in the middle of Romagna which was one for the books.”

I thanked the guys for their time and they added “thank you for having us. After this, we would like to thank Damian and the Crosstown family for the opportunity and all our fans for never leaving us alone in this long trip which is going on for more than 20 years. Long life to Pastaboys.”

You can buy the Pastaboys’ latest release on Crosstown Rebels here.

01. Tony Allen – Asiko (In a Silent Mix) (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
02. Pastaboys – Abbassa
03. Spencer Parker – Shape Fascination (DJ Deep Dub)
04. Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder – Redeem (Soulphiction Reconstruction)
05. Tunnelvisions – Guava (Aera’s Sunset Remix)
06. Pastaboys – Kolo Kolo
07. AbysSoul, Sio, Osunlade – Words (Yoruba Soul Mix)
08. Ketiov – Rhythm #4 (Original Mix)
09. Austin Ato – Song For Mr. Lewis (Dub)
10. Acid Mondays – Universal Rhythm (Dub Mix)
11. Fog – Open Your Eyes (Mule Acid Mix)

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