“There is no hiding during longer sets, sooner or later the DJ has to leave the comfort zone and step into the unknown. That is where the magic happens.” – Patrice Bäumel

Patrice Bäumel moved from Berlin to Amsterdam after the German techno boom of the early to mid-nineties. As a young person, he found himself being drawn to hard techno, gabber, and hardcore sounds, which were synonymous with the Netherlands where he had relocated. Patrice eventually found his true passion was playing and producing deep, groove-based techno steeped in the essence of Berlin, where he’d gained his raving wings at Mayday and developed a taste for techno at Love Parade and Hard Wax Records in Berlin. Therefore when it came to conceptualising a mix album for Global Underground’s signature city series, there was only one city, which summed up his enthusiasm, the one where he was imbibed in electronic music, where he regularly plays and where his mother still lives. His second home, the true 24-hour city of Berlin.

‘GU042: Patrice Bäumel – Berlin’, released on Friday 29th March 2019 follows the last Global Underground city series instalments by Solomun, and James Lavelle and is part of the pioneering DJ mix album series which includes alumni such as Sasha, Carl Cox, Deep Dish, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia and John Digweed.

This latest instalment from Global Underground tells my story of a city that has never sold out, that does not know when to stop, that sweeps you off your feet with its relentless energy, and that chews you up and spits you out. Had Frank Sinatra lived today, he would be singing about Berlin, the city that never sleeps, not New York.

“I was born in East Germany during the days of communism in a small town called Freital near Dresden. Berlin was a 2-hour drive away and was the centre of our world. Following the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism, Berlin became a metaphor for freedom, a placed where dissident people with alternative ideas created art and music.’ Berlin has also had a long association with technological advancement and as somewhere that already embraced electronic music like Depeche Mode and Krafwerk, it was an obvious place to become an epicenter of techno and electronic music. Berlin is a metropolis in the true sense, it doesn’t have an off-switch, it knocks you off your feet with its vibrancy and it carries you with it. I play there regularly and visit my mother who lives there; it’s very much a part of me and what I’m feeling.” – Patrice Bäumel

Expertly programmed and mixed, GU42 comes as Patrice Bäumel’s career continues to flourish amongst his string of powerful releases on Kompakt and Afterlife plus his hallowed remixes. His ability to work crowds and deliver powerful experiences is exemplified here. Featuring 49 tracks from established artists and new talent alike, the two mixes include original works from Patrice himself (with three exclusives ‘Expanse’, ‘Collider’, and Mutant Voices’), alongside Phil Kieran, Guy J, Shlømo, Ripperton, Pig&Dan, Markus Guentner, Swayzak, Matthew Dear, Adam Port, and many more.

“Having ploughed through my music library to consider every track that could become part of the mix, I then spent a week working out the running order of each mix, to achieve the desired result. I wanted the first mix to be laid back in essence, to create a Berlin rooftop sunset party vibe, however I didn’t want it to be Downtempo. The second mix needed to be mid set, middle of the night warehouse party vibe. I wanted the whole album to be the perfect after-party mix CD in the tradition of Global Underground albums. People ask me where I find my music. To be honest, I probably follow 100+ producers and I search out other stuff on Beatport” – Patrice Bäumel

Patrice Bäumel talks about some of his favourite tracks and highlights of GU42…

Nicolas Rada – Cumulonimbus:
“My most played track of the last 12 months. It is just an incredible groove track that sits comfortably between techno and progressive – a sweet spot that is right in my wheelhouse. This is a record that I can make-work on any dancefloor, there was no question it needed to be part of the compilation.”

Musiccargo – Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir:
“This is a real character record and one of the most poppy moments of the compilation. I feel that a good compilation needs a few moments by which it will be remembered in the future. Musiccargo is a band that no longer exists and it was really difficult to track these guys down and get the licensing sorted out. It was worth the effort.”

Jossie Telch – Borders (Eitan Reiter Remix):
“Eitan Reiter is one of my favourite producers of the moment. This remix is as deep as the ocean yet it carries an intensity with it that sweeps me away time and again. Majestic.”

“Global Underground approached me as my direction as a techno DJ features electronic sounds and rhythmic patterns, much in the way that Sasha brought to British progressive. Keeping it fluid and dancefloor. I like music with rhythmic movement, a sway, something to groove to. I like to fill in the gaps between the beats with rhythm. I very much liked the way Global Underground’s Sasha Ibiza mix album and Danny Tenaglia’s albums sounded.” – Patrice Bäumel

‘GU042: Patrice Bäumel – Berlin’ is available now as a double CD, plus digital and streaming formats, and a limited Collector’s Edition 2 x CD box set with 110-page photo book containing photographer Dean Belcher’s images of Berlin and 4×12 inch square art prints.

Parable & Patrice Bäumel present: Global Underground 42 Album Launch will be held at FOLD in Canning Town on Saturday 6th April, with the Berlin party being held at Kater Blau on Sunday 7th April. The rare and intimate appearance from Patrice, comprising a 5-hour set, will take place in a new institution in the heart of East London’s Canning Town. The Berlin-style arts/work centre is home to music and creative studios and FOLD, a 500 capacity state-of-the-art performance space that fits perfectly with Patrice’s uncompromising interpretation of techno. Patrice will perform a 5-hour set, supported by Aidan Doherty.

“There is no hiding during longer sets, sooner or later the DJ has to leave the comfort zone and step into the unknown. That is where the magic happens.” – Patrice Bäumel

On Sunday 7th April, Patrice Bäumel celebrates the launch of GU42: Berlin in the city that inspired the album, with a special extended set. The event at Kater Blau features support from Oliver Koletzki, Britta Unders (Britta Arnold & Unders) and Mimi Love. Tickets can be purchased on the door only.

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