Relative newcomer Paul Flynn hits the ground running with this brilliant EP on Whartone Deep

Artist : Paul Flynn
Title : Found in Sound EP
Label : Whartone Deep
Release : 7th September 2015
Genre : Electronica / Progressive Trance

Sometimes Im asked to review tracks by artists Im unfamiliar with, it comes with the job. Sometimes that voyage of discovery has a fantastic pay off like this EP on Sonny Whartones’ label, Whartone Deep by relative new comer Paul Flynn. Lifelong music lover Paul Flynn has spent the last few years quietly creating music geared towards the dance floor, whilst retaining a melodic edge. Producing a range of tracks from analogue techno to organic, melodic house he has quickly gained a following from those who have discovered his work. He has caught the attention of Trax Records, Optimo, Young Society and Whartone. He has already received support from international DJs including Wanklemut, Stacey Pullen, JD Twitch and Glasgow Underground’s Kevin McKay.

Opening with the swagger and patience of a champion tennis star, A side track, Unsaint is a white noise dream with repeated FX and gnarling low pad. The kick and bass arrive some time later and feel very natural to the track. The choice of sounds is inspired and the whole vibe has a very 90s feel but with out the unnecessary harking back to ‘better times’ mimicry. The break serves as a polite stop gap before adding more refined keyed sonic textures. A brave and thoughtful opener, definitely something I’d play.

B Side, Found in Sound continues with some of the production ideals from Unsaint. A delicate and ethereal lead synth drives us forward through the first minute making way for the beats and bass momentarily to gather pace. But its the bass line that draws you in during the first break around the 2 minute mark. Playfully dancing along with the synth lines, this is deep progressive trance in all its former glory.

Sure to find favour with the more melodic fans among you, Paul Flynn has very much put himself on the map with this release. Bravo!