Peaceful protest to save UK nightlife is going ahead 8th Oct in London

“Because our culture made us who we are… Each and everyone of us wouldn’t be who we are today without the clubs, the bars, the art galleries, the festivals, the concerts, the raves, the venues and the parties…”  – Nicole Venter (protest organiser)

The recent closure of iconic London club fabric has sent shock waves through the music and clubbing community and inspired a powerful and uniting force in the Capital, fighting to save London’s nightlife and its treasured venues. To help raise more awareness around the current challenges faced, electronic music platform MEOKO has joined forces with the NTIA and other promoters and figures in the London scene to organise a peaceful demonstration taking place in East London, Saturday 8th October. The demo is a call for the government to step up, value and protect this extremely precious and precarious aspect of our culture, not only in London but throughout the UK. It’s a demo that will likely be attended by thousands of largely unheard voices of a younger generation, fighting for their own and future generation’s right to a thriving nightlife culture. At the moment the event page shows 3.5k people attending, with another 2.5k interested.



An awareness for this cultural crisis in the capital has been mounting for some time. The Night Time Industries Association aka the NTIA instigated the #NightLifeMatters campaign earlier this year, which has now combined with #SaveNightlife. They have been working with the London Mayor’s office and other governing bodies to help minimise the relentless attack on nightlife culture and the ‘sanitisation’ of London connected to the multiple closures of music venues in particular. But there is no doubt that since the day Islington Council revoked fabric’s license indefinitely, momentum for this nation wide campaign has risen exponentially. The unprecedented surge of support for fabric alone is evident in the number of signatures on the petition to #savefabric (almost 160,000) and even more so in the fabric fund donation page -almost £270,000 raised within 2 weeks.

“UK nightlife is under threat – this is a key part of our culture that is being threatened. Knee-jerk reactions within licensing to venues, along with the pressures due to a lack of housing supply, alongside too little awareness about the huge benefits of nightlife, has resulted in closures and suffocation across Britain over the last few years”. – NTIA

Alongside this over the recent period, we have seen a range of closings including MODE (which had an “Expedited Review” meaning they had to close immediately), Dance Tunnel, Passing Clouds and Shapes – all in East London. The list of venues closed in the past 5 years points to more endemic proportions, and it concerns the whole UK, not only London. As chairman of the NTIA Alan D Miller puts it: “As we’ve seen with the unjust and much debated closing of The Arches in Glasgow, the sad fact that venues are held accountable for personal behaviour is one of the first things that needs to change as quickly as possible.


The protest will begin at Hoxton Square at 1.00pm. With attendees encouraged to arrive in fancy dress and bring as many props as possible, such as musical instruments, placards and mega phones, this is set to be a vibrant and joyous occasion. Once congregated, the march will leave Hoxton Square and head on a route through East London via Old Street and Hackney Road, ending up in London Fields at around 4pm. Upon arrival at London Fields there will be a selection of guest speakers, including Alan D Miller, Chairman of the NTIA and voices from fabric nightclub. This will continue until the allotted 7pm finish.

The Nightlife community stands for peace. Please see this as a chance to represent and set a great example.
Under no circumstances is any bad behavior welcomed or tolerated.
Feel freedom in the form of creative expression.
We encourage as many LIVE Facebook feeds as possible!
Please keep to the pavements at all times as any obstruction of traffic goes against our permissions and license.
Please do not litter.

There will be many events taking place after but there is one particular event that’s closely linked to the cause. ‘Fabric meets Studio 338’ at the newly opened The Bridge in Bow will be headlined by Levon Vincent with support from Trevor Jackson, Saoirse + special guests to be announced. For full information please follow the link below. This is a non-profit event and all proceedings will be split between both venues.