Perfume release the superb downtempo ‘Station 3’ on Hot Gem featuring remixes by Halfscreen and Rebecca Vasmant

Artist: Perfume
Title: Station 3
Label: Hot Gem
Cat No: HTGM17
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Downtempo

Perfume, the collaboration between Craig Wells (UK) and Mathias Loose (Denmark) represents a new way of working for the pair, as they infuse lush, textured field recordings and composition with elements of electro, ambient and atmospheric instrumental hip-hop, inviting comparisons with the complex productions of Flying Lotus, Four Tet, or Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. Together, Wells and Loose create a rich tapestry that weaves between analog breaks and sampled acoustic sounds.

The instruments that were used on the record came from a number of sources, some were hand built including the acoustic laptop and sampled instruments from field recordings. Along those materials, they employed a range of different microphone techniques including contact, hydrophone, and acoustic methods in order to tease out some rather interesting sounds.

The first track on this rather impressive release on Hot Gem is ‘Moonspeed’ which is like the lovechild of Air, Flying Lotus, and Four Tet. A deep, jazz infused number that is filled with a low-end bass and beautifully crafted keys and chopped up vocal samples. Perfect for those lazy, blissed out summer days when kicking back with mates.

Next up is ‘Scent feat. Lorie Ballage’ and like the first is filled with those delightful jazz infused keys and double bass notes. There is a little more emphasis on the beats with this number, taken it more down the broken beat sound than downtempo but just as lush! Pass me a vino, it’s time to chill!!! Lovely track!!!

‘Tissue’ follows on beautifully from the last track taking things back down to a more chilled vibe. Stunning arrangement and some truly joyful strings and keys fill this lusciously deep track. Sublime work from Wells and Loose here!

We close the pack with a couple of remixes which may not ever be released. The label is yet to confirm but we here Decoded certainly hope they are! First up Halfscreen remix ‘Scent’ to maximum effect. Think blissed out breakbeat and you won’t be far off the mark. Halfscreen have just polished things up beautifully. Moving more dancefloor orientated but still keeping that deep vibe. Finally, Rebecca Vasmant gets her hands on ‘Moonspeed’ and this sees the first venture into four to the floor beats. Still downtempo in speed but definitely got the club in mind here. Deep, moving, downtempo house music here from Rebecca. The break is divine, and the rearrangement of the keys is sublime. Lovely!

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