Petar Dundov releases the mesmerising At The Turn of Equilibrium LP

Artist: Petar Dundov
Title: At The Turn of Equilibrium
Label: Music Man Records
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Melodic Techno/Progressive

There are few producers out there that grasp the ability to truly move people through melody but Petar Dundov is one of the elite when it comes to doing just that. On May 6th this year the Croatian producer released his album entitled ‘At The Turn of Equilibrium’ via Belgium’s Music Man Records which is an eight tracker filled with pure wonder and musical delight.

“Expect the story of life as a self-reinforcing structure that never reaches the perfect balance. The concept behind the album is to bring awareness that the balance is an illusion and that’s why it’s called ‘At The Turn of Equilibrium” – Petar Dundov

The truly mesmerising eight track long player is Dundov’s fifth LP and in my opinion is his finest work to date. The album explores a wider range of moods and themes than previous work and it all feels like a far more accomplished piece of work to add to what is already a very fine portfolio.

“This time, in addition to using more sound textures I introduced parts with classical instruments like piano and strings. As the album is about life and how it evolves, from purely a physical body to a thinking person, the songs are sequenced from faster, simple-rhythmic, cyclic, body moving tracks to slower, more complex layered, beatless mind tracks” – Petar Dundov

Enough of my waffling and on with the music… The opener on the album, ‘Then Life’ begins the journey as all albums should begin with a hypnotic beatless number that is crammed full of divine melodic layers and textures. This is one that would be perfect for those of you looking to open your sets with a little thought provoking music, and what a piece of music this is! This track leads us nicely into the second track on the LP which is entitled ‘The Lattice’ and sees Petar take us into his world of what the scene now defines as melodic techno but deep down we all know this as progressive house. It is one of those tracks that I could imagine any emotional dance floor showing a few teary eyes. It is a track that is filled with outstanding beauty and depth and one that can only be described as simply incredible. I just love how this man creates this analogue sound yet keeps it so fresh and modern. A true master at his craft!!!

Next up on the LP is ‘Before It All Ends’ which has that more techno percussion throughout and a superb low end that rumbles along throughout. I would love to hear this on a big system!!!! The percussion and the piano melody that is used is incredible and so thought provoking it creates emotion instantly. That track continues to build throughout but in a subtle way without ever compromising the integrity or the underground sound. The break is out of this world and strips things back to it’s core before the synth slaps you right in the heart!!! I cannot think of another producer that would create electronic music like this besides Charlie May… Outstanding!!!

The fourth track on the album could be described as a Kraftwerk-esque sound and has been titled ‘Midnight Orchestra’ The keys would not sound out of place on any Kraftwerk album and shows the pure ability of the producer here. He has shifted away from what is now deemed as techno and almost given a gentlemanly nod to the classic sound as a homage to the past. What he has created is a track that understands it’s roots and uses them to full potential but polishes every element with todays technology and knowledge. The next track is almost a perfect follow on, as this again is a little nod to some of the classic producers out there and would not sound out of place on a Vangelis produced soundtrack. In fact if you put this on whilst watching Blade Runner I don’t think it would be even slightly out of place!!!! If you love you melody and want to listen to a true master at work you need to hear this NOW!

Next up on this truly inspiring album is the track ‘New Hope’ which moves away from the classic inspired sound and also from the progressive/techno numbers and sees Dundov move back to a more ambient soundscape. The track is a downbeat melodic diamond that takes you on a blissful journey of incredible beauty!!! This track leads almost perfectly into the next track, ‘Missing You’ which is another emotional filled number that uses the live drum kit, broken beats to perfection. The track has some subtle key changes and that sublime Dundov synth sound that just blows your mind. I defy anyone to listen to this album and not feel some kind of emotion!!!

The final track on the album is ‘Everlasting Love’ and I feel the name of the track perfectly encapsulates how I am feeling after listening to the previous seven tracks on this LP. The final track is a synth laden melodic piece of music that I can only really describe as a hypnotic and fascinating journey that I really do not want to end… I am actually lost for words here and if you know me that is a rarity!

Petar Dundov has created an LP of pure beauty here and one that I feel will take a lot to surpass. Every track is built upon a fierce understanding of the technology that surrounds him and a knowledge of how to touch people’s souls. ‘At The Turn of Equilibrium’ has been constructed almost like the perfect DJ set and it is a set that I wish did not have to come to an end! Put if this way if I heard a set like this I would not be chanting “one more”, I would be chanting ‘eight more’!!! Thank you Petar Dundov for making what I can only describe as the perfect electronic music album!!!

1. Petar Dundov – Then Life
2. Petar Dundov – The Lattice
3. Petar Dundov – Before It All Ends
4. Petar Dundov – Midnight Orchestra
5. Petar Dundov – Mist
6. Petar Dundov – New Hope
7. Petar Dundov – Missing You
8. Petar Dundov – Everlasting Love

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!