Peter Kruder provides a fitting soundtrack for Boxer Recordings’ 100th release

For the 100th release on Boxer Recordings, the label owners were able to find someone very special. An artist who has impressed and influenced them for 20 years. Since a time that both were working in the Groove Attack warehouse, responsible for packing boxes of Kruder & Dorfmeister records. Peter Kruder – known as a producer, DJ and one-half of that electronic super-duo, delivers the perfect soundtrack for Boxer’s 100th-anniversary party.

Stylistically confident he touches on House, Techno and Dub on this stunning three track collection. Boxer 100 is not just a knockout punch but is a fleetingly skipping athlete who’s strength comes from its verve. Just like a certain Mr Martiniq, 100 catalogue numbers earlier.

As progressive house begins to make a dent in the wall of cookie cutter techno, Kruder delivers 3 incredibly diverse and musically savvy tracks. Ascend Descend represents a place in house music long forgotten, when meloady ruled and dancers tripped the light fantastic for hours without a vocal in earshot. A time when dance music was utterly beautiful and untarnished.

Boxer Recordings
Times changed in 2002. So did they. At first, it was just a hobby (Mehrwert Records), eventually, it has become their job. The responsibility they feel towards their artists made this step necessary. At the start, there was a one-sided promo-12 – Frank Martiniqs club hit Adriano became Boxer Sports first release.

83 tracks later, Eric Eltron’s and Beatschubiger’s club-oriented record attracts a steadily growing community of fans and artists worldwide. Recent playlists and frequent demands for licenses prove how well the label works in spite of promoting unknown artists at the beginning. Boxer Sports & Kickboxer became known for their musically sophisticated  discography which now included international signings and in 2008, they worked hard on the label to serve up some nice surprises & great music. Now at the grand old age of 14 and with 100 releases under their belt, Boxer are better than ever.