Phonic Scoupe – Lust

Artist : Phonic Scoupe
Title : Lust (w/ CID Inc Remix)
Label : Stripped Recordings
Release : 29th September 2014
Genre : Progressive House

For any progressive house fan, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you will have no doubt come across Phonic Scoupe. The Lithuanian trio sprang onto the scene with a blissful re-edit of French house stalwarts Daft Punk and were quickly snapped up by Norman Hines at Stripped Recordings. Since then they have been churning out hit after hit along side a string of great re-edits and bootlegs. Lust is their 11th release for Stripped and it shows no signs of them slowing down or running out of ideas.

Starting with a skippy percussion and tremolo-ed pad sweeps the groove is tribal and quickly paced. It reminds me of Steve Lawler or D.Ramirez from back in the day, theres a sinister darkness to the sounds and its as inviting as hell!! Before you know it two and a half minutes of groove based house have passed and we start to hear more elements beginning to unfold. The heavily processed hook line comes as a welcome addition around the 3 minute mark, and if I’m honest, I would say a vocal would have lifted this first half more. The break is expectantly epic and as we ramp up to re-entry of the beat I bobbing my head with a screwface on! The thing I’m really picking up on is a rising synth line which adds drama and energy about every 16 bars and really keeps things ticking along nicely. A decent mid setter to get the crowd moving.

Henri Hurtig needs little introduction. As Cid Inc, he has conquered the world of electronic music, and his remix is bristling with a vibrance and energy the original struggled to maintain. Gone is the standard tribal sounds, replaced by an undulating tech bassline. As with the original, the first half of the track is all about scene setting and drawing the listener in. Interesting sonic sweeps keep attention and remind of a Vangelis inspired horror film soundtrack. The breakdown is more a rest stop than an epic call to arms, in fact the remix as a whole is more suited to those 5am heads down moments when only techno will do.

A tasty package here and something for a multitude of tastes. Stripped does it again!