Phonic Scoupe Remix Album review

Artist : Phonic Scoupe
Title : Seven Sins Remix EP
Label : Stripped Recordings
Release 10th November 2014
Cat No : 156 – SR
Genre : Progressive House

Now its no secret I really like these Lithuanian scaly wags with their well presented melodics and crisp and clean productions, so it was pretty much a no brainer when Norman contacted me with the promo copy of this, the remix album. My review of the originals can be found here, but lets get on to the remixes. Stripped Recordings has spent a long time carving out a decent niche in the progressive house scene, and whats be evident from the get go is the consistency of the product they release. This good fortune allows labels like Stripped to afford the best and brightest of remixer, hence in this package we are very fortunate to have the cream of recent progressive greatness in the form of Dnyo, Cid Inc, Antrim, Rich Curtis, Sonic Union, Ewan Rill, and not for getting one of the originators of the Orlando scene – Chris Fortier.

DYNO’s remix of Anthema is pure 4am techno mayhem. The kind of late night, stripped back madness that drives you bonkers when the strobe kicks in and the sweat dripping off your face stings your eyes. This will do very well. Sonic Union takes it in a very different direction making his version a touch slower and much more melodic. This is 10pm music. Groovy and vibrant to get you on the dance floor. This is much more likely to be the version you’ll hear me play. The remix of Lust I reviewed a few weeks back, and over time, its still working for me. A stellar piece of crossover melodic techno. The original of Anxiety was a tense affair but here Antrim takes a brighter direction with skippy upbeat percussion and a delicate sawtoothed bass. The sonics and risers have a great deal of space in which to develop and the melody created is a little eerie with whale noise like stabs firing off in the break down. Its awesome! And has an old skool progressive trance feel.

For Treason, remixer Rich Curtis has opted for a stripped back house vibe which suits the track very well. Again delicate melodies fade in and out to create perfect points of tension and release which draw the listener in and holds their attention. This is perfect mid set gear when you just want to ease off the gas a bit, but don’t want to lose the energy on the floor. Mid way through the track Rich ups the ante resulting in a thunderous second half! Revenge is treated to a wonderful Ewan Rill make over. Starting deep and minimal, Rill takes us on a dark groove ride to the seedy recesses of his mind. The breakdown is blissful but short lived, he wants you to work hard to this song, and its a delight to do so. Album opener Eagerness serves at the closer here and remixer extraordinaire Chris Fortier must have been listening to a LOT of Danny Tenaglia CDs before he made this because it is classic mid 00s Danny T. Tribal vibes, echoed screams and dark soundscapes set the scene for a monstrously deep remix of epic proportions, basically its Halloween in sonic form, and a fitting end to a marvellous collection of remixes.

01// Anathema (DNYO Remix)
02// Lust (Cid Inc Remix)
03// Anxiety (Antrim Remix)
04// Treason (Rich Curtis Remix)
05// Anathema (Sonic Union Remix)
06// Revenge (Ewan Rill Remix)
07// Eagerness (Chris Fortier Remix)