Review – Piemont gets straight to the point with a stellar EP on Italian label, Lapsus Music

Artist : Piemont
Title : To The Point EP
Label : Lapsus Music
Release : Out Now
Genre : Deep House / Tech House

Lapsus Music is the label founded in 2008 by Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi, a.k.a Supernova. Through the medium of the label, they wanted to explore new sounds, release tracks of their own and those of their friends, creating an open space for creativity and idea sharing. Piemont, on the other hand, need very little introduction. They return to Lapsus fresh from the success of their track “Behind the Curtain” and what the mighty German duo have created here is nothing short of stupendous. For Christian and Fredric, the music, very much does the talking.

Originals “To The Point” and “One Evening” marry years of experience at the pinnacle of house music with some lovely musical flourishes and solid productions. The keyed hook of “To The Point” harks back to the classic sound of the NY scene, but brought bang-up to date with gritty bass and dark stabs. “One Evening” leads with a spoken vocal lamenting a particularly good night out, the twinkling synth lines and keyed stabs create a wonderful texture to the track, and the tension built in the break is top class.

Greece don Mihalis Safras and Lapsus family member Big Ma.Mi and Stefano Savoretti provide remixes with ample charm and difference as to give the package a wider appeal. Mihilis takes on “To The Point” pointing it in a more driving dubby direction, and something I’ve been playing to good responses. The “One Evening” remix by Stefano Savoretti & Big Ma.Mi is equally driving and bass heavy. Imagine Adam Bayer playing warm up and you get a rough idea of its direction.

All in all a great EP with something for all House fans alike.