“Our sound has become more organic, warmer and perhaps housier” – Piemont

German duo Piemont has proven itself to be an absolute production power-house over the last decade. Made up of long-time friends Frederic and Chris, the pair first decided to hook up and make music together back in 2007 and, since then, have gone on to establish themselves as one of the foremost partnerships in techno and have been releasing Music on acclaimed labels like Monaberry, Lapsus Music, Glasgow Underground, Exploited, Definition Music and Toolroom.

Piemont have recently started their own label ‘Moonless Air’ which is not only a platform for their own releases but also a home for innovative music from upcoming artists and friends. The first release, entitled ‘Swung Blind’ comes from the label owners themselves and is due for release 1st December.

Hi Frederic and Chris thanks for joining us. It’s exciting times at the moment with the imminent launch of your new label Moonless Air. How was the label name decided? 

Hey Guys, nice to meet you. Originally ‘Moonless Air’ was the name of one of our tracks which was released a few years back. The phrase was actually taken from an old British poem from the 19th century. In our view, it was one of our best track names so far, as it sounded mysteriously and was easy to remember. The graphic artist, we usually work with, immediately had some wicked ideas in terms of logo and corporate identity.

The first release by yourselves is a two track EP. Can you tell us about the release? I especially like the vocal chants in Swung blind they really carry the track.

One great advantage of starting an own label is that we are able to try new things music wise. Our aim is that every release should feature different sides of our musical diversity and never contain a bunch of tracks in the same style. According to our opinion the ‘Swung Blind EP’ is a perfect example of this ambition as both tracks were produced in two different ways. They just express the vibes we felt while producing these without having a certain genre in mind.

While we are discussing new releases your Daybreak EP is set for release on New Violence Records in January. The package includes a Dorian Craft Remix who is a young upcoming DJ/Producer from Cannes. Can you tell us a little about Dorian and how he become involved in the release?

We had been following Dorian for a while now and think he is extremely talented and has a remarkable style. Though, it was Chris (the label boss of ‘New Violence’) who had the idea of this remixer, as he’s a really big favourite of him as well. Dorian agreed immediately and delivered a stunning remix just a few days later.

To coincide with the label launch you have also started a Moonless Air podcast ‘Aircast’. Episode one was by yourself. Is there going to be any guests scheduled for future shows?

There definitely will be some future guest shows. Our ambition is to invite every artist who’s going to appear on the label. Also, we’ll ask future remixers if they want to contribute a guest mix. But in the end, we’re also going to invite friends and colleagues, whose music we like.

Let’s talk events. Are there any plans to branch out into Moonless Air label nights?

We thought about events too. But before we start we need to build up our fan base and increase the reputation of our label.

As we approach the festive period, where can our readers expect to see you playing over Christmas and New Year?

Looks like we’ll be playing at a secret location in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. It’s always fun to play in Berlin, a city where we played most of our gigs so far. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce some details soon! Nowadays, we use to stay at home over Christmas to spent the time with our families. Though, it happened that we accepted spontaneous bookings from promoters in our hometown.

You are based in Hamburg. What are some of your favourite places to DJ and hang out when out and about in the city?

In terms of electronic music Hamburg is a really inspiring place for us due to the manifold independent club scene and the huge amount of studio facilities. Most of clubs are located in the St. Pauli district. According to our opinion, we love to play at ‘Baalsaal’ and ‘Waagenbau’. Another great club is the ‘Villanova‘ club, which was founded by Hamburg based producer ‘HOSH‘.

Generally, we love to hang out at the harbour area and can recommend the countless bars and restaurants in the quarter named ‘Schanzenviertel’.

OK let’s take a light-hearted direction for a moment. Can you tell us –

One interesting fact about each other?

We met in 1995 at a party at Hamburg‘s river beach and were already talking about our similar musical taste after a couple of minutes. At that time, we weren’t much into club music at all. We were rather hanging out in rock bars than going out for clubbing . So, our musical ambitions started in Hamburg almost 18 years ago as guitarists and singers in various alternative bands. During that period of time we actually gained our knowledge concerning arrangement and writing of songs, which still has an effect on today’s productions.

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you both recently?

It‘s difficult to decide which one to mention. For instance, somebody asked us to autograph a 100-Euro note in Moscow. Or at the Street Parade in Zurich. While we were playing in front of thousands of ravers, a random guy appeared on the stage, grabbed a microphone and started to rap some lyrics to the track that we were spinning. The people went mad as the guy was extremely good!

And…. back to business. Who is next up on Moonless Air and when is the release scheduled for?

The next release will be a two-track EP from us again. We just finished the production and the tunes are being mastered right now. The tracks are set for release in March 2018. We are listening to a lot of demos right now but haven’t decided yet who’s going to release after that. We also thought about an EP with remixes from our previous two releases.

How has Piemont developed as artists and DJ’s over the last 10 years? Other than maybe advances in technology has there been any valuable lessons or instances which have shaped you into the act you are today?

Our sound has definitely changed in the last few years, especially compared to our first releases. Our sound has become more organic, warmer and perhaps housier. Our early productions just represented our sense of musical aesthetics and mirrored our mood while we have been producing it. However, it looks like won‘t return to all of these early roots as we are really happy with our current direction. According to our experience, our musical development was not affected by any decision. It’s rather something that happened unconsciously.

Thanks for your time gents it’s been great chatting. Best of luck with Moonless Air and your continued success in 2018. Is there anything you would like to add?

Thank you guys for having us! Let’s catch up soon for a beer or two.


01. Huxley – Clunk – Avotre
02. Dennis Cruz – Feeling High (Sascha Dive Remix) – Suruba X
03. Super Flu – K5000 (Tim Engelhardt Remix) – Monaberry
04. Vibes Killers – Means Of Escape – Knee Deep In Sound
05. Piemont – Swung Blind – Moonless Air
06. Piemont – Walk Out (DeMarzo Remix) – Lemon-Aid Music
07. Piemont – Bound Up – New Violence Records
08. Simone Liberali – Upside Down – Saved
09. Tiga – Woke (Jamie Jones Remix) – Turbo Recordings
10. Piemont – Twenty Two – Lemon-Aid Music
11. Piemont – Daybreak (Dorian Craft Remix) – New Violence Records
12. Oliver Koletzki – A Star Called Akasha (Super Flu Remix) – Stil Vor Talent
13. Tale Of Us – Oltre La Vita (SCB Introspektion Edit) – Deutsche Grammophon

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